Eliza - Home

I was getting a little concerned about Katrina, she had been absent longer than normally necessary to fetch the food. Of course there was no way I could hobble after her, what with my ankle being the way it was. I was considering sending Moira to investigate when suddenly on the road we sighted the carriage.

"Well dear, it looks like your stay with us has come to an end," Mrs Elliot stated, regretfully.

Moira suddenly excused herself, to ready the few belongings she had had brought down from Frances Hall earlier.

"Yes. It is a shame, I have enjoyed myself here, and it was nice to have such lovely company," I replied, eyes down.

"Well your ankle is beginning to heel so I'm sure we'll see you riding down here before long. And until then you have the carriage my dear" Mrs Elliot said with a smile.

I looked up and grinned. "Oh yes, visiting would be nice. I'm sure you'll be seeing plenty of me."

"Just next time you bring some of the food" Jacob teased.

We began to make our way to the house. When we reached the kitchen we were surprised to see Katrina sitting tearfully at the table, a letter crushed in her hands, a man I did not know sitting beside her with his hand on her shoulder. 

She looked up at our entrance. "Mother" she cried, flinging herself into Mrs Elliot's arms. "It's Ed... he... he.. he.."

I felt slightly uncomfortable. Growing up with just a father, crying females, much less friends was not something I knew much of how to deal with. The women of court, who I would call friends, would never let another see their tears, our relationships were all about maintaining the family names, and trying to manipulate each other, a lifestyle I had always hated. Plus this seemed to be a family issue. 

Luckily, just then Moira appeared, to let me know all was ready for leaving.

"I'll, uh, leave you be now. I don't wish to intrude on such a personal issue" I murmured softly.

Mrs Elliot looked at me for a moment. "What? Oh yes dear. But do stop by soon."

I nodded. "Just let me know if there is anything I can do," I replied, before making my way to the door. Soon Moira and I were seated within the carriage, my ankle resting on the seat opposite me, as we made our way home

The End

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