Eliza Frances - Hospitality

Before I knew it I was ensconced in the kitchen of this strange but kind family, a wet cloth draped over my ankle to help with the swelling as the Mother placed a plate in front of me. 

"My horse? Oh please tell me someone managed to catch Riverside" I asked urgently, glancing around.

"I placed him in the barn" a young male voice, slightly puffed, said from the doorway where he had just entered. "He seems to have recovered from his ordeal, thanks to some tasty oats"

I nodded in relief. "I will repay you. I don't know what I would have done if I had lost him."

"Now now miss Eliza. Don't worry about Riverside and eat some of this lovely food. After a scare like that you need something in that belly of yours" Moira urged me, pushing the plate even closer to me.

I nodded, and picked up a slice of bread.

"So are you from around here Eliza?" Katrina asked, taking a seat across from me

I nodded, swallowing the food in my mouth. "Moira and I come from Frances Hall," I stated, before taking another bite.

The mother nodded. "I thought as much from your lovely clothes. And how is Sir Frances these days?" she asked enquiringly.

A frown took over my face. "I couldn't honestly say. My father rode out to war 3 weeks ago and I have heard nothing from him since. I feel so useless, having to watch my only relative ride to danger and be able to do nothing about it."

The red head, who I heard nothing from apart from her name, suddenly nodded. "I feel the same. My father and brother both left, and I just wish I could do something," she stated.

Katrina nodded as well."As do I."

"Yes, but you know that a woman's place is in home and hearth my dear" Mrs Elliot interrupted, placing some food in front of the others. "And beside, what could you do? I'm sure none of you has ever held a sword, or would stand in a fight against a man with many times your own strength. No, the battlefront is not for woman."

"But maybe there is something else..." Katrina began, wistfully. 

The End

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