Nellie McFay - Horseplay

I looked back to see Katrina and her mother begin to help the injured girl into the house and couldn't help but smile at their typical kindness I had already become so fond of. Who knew there were so many gracious people around? First the handsome young man who bought the bread for me, then this wonderful family who was letting me work it off. It felt so good to actually be earning my way rather than stealing it.

"I hope she's alright," Jacob said, glancing my direction for a response.

"Yeah," I muttered, finally overcoming my fear. He seemed greatly encouraged by this and continued to try and pry more answers from me, "So are you from this part of town?"


He grinned and nodded, "It's a good place to live. We--" the horse he was leading suddenly nudged its furry head into his back with a snort as if telling him to pick up the pace, "Hey!"

I giggled softly and Jacob looked at me in mock betrayal, "You're on the horse's side? Come on, I'm the one actually keeping you company here."

I couldn't help but giggle all the more.  When reached the stables he pushed one of the doors open and held it open for me to lead the horse I had inside before following.

After feeding them some oats, we were already half way across the vast yard before Jacob spoke again, a mischevious glint in his eye.

"W-what?" I asked quietly, suddenly nervous.

"Last one to the house has to do the next chore by themself!" I had barely comprehended what he had just said before he was already several feet ahead of me. A playful grin broke across my face and I hitched up my skirt to join the game.

The End

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