Alexandra Ford

I grabbed his sheathed sword, running across the other side of the room so he couldn't get it.

'Stop it Alex, I need that.'

'You can't leave if you don't have your sword.'  I held it tightly behind my back and pressing myself flat against the wall.  Sebastian made his way over to me in two quick strides and began wreastling with me.

'They will still make me go even if I don't have a sword.  Do you want me to be unarmed?'  I looked up into his blue eyes that were the same as mine and my heart gave way.  I handed him the sword.  'Thank you.'  He hugged me and went to get his backpack from the other side of the room.

A tear fell down one side of my cheek as I watched him collect his things and prepare to leave.  Sebastian was my brother, the closest person to me in the whole world and he had to leave to fight in a war where no-one knew what we were fighting for.

Sebastain crossed the room and kissed my forehead.  'Take care of Mother.'  I nodded, holding back the tears.  I didn't want this to be his last memory of me.  'I'll be home as soon as I can.  I promise.'  He walked out of our tiny house and my knees gave way beneath me as I began sobbing.

I had never known my father so Sebastian was the only male I had grown up with, he was the one who protected us.  What were we going to do now?

Suddenly I found the strength to stand and ran after him.  The bright sun hit my face, blinding me for a split second.  Sebastain was about to mount the horse that had been sent for him.  The dust kicked up beneath my feet as I ran at him, my arms found his waist and I hugged him so tightly.

'I have to go.'  Sebastian unhooked my hands from his tunic and made me step back.  My face was dusty and tear-stained but I didn't care.  Not even the rest of the town watching me could have bothered me now.

'Please don't die.'  I sobbed.  'I'm so scared.'

'I am too.  But we'll find a way to keep going.  You're strong Alex, stronger than you think.'  He kissed my forehead one last time before mounting the horse and riding off in a cloud of dust, leaving me a sobbing wreck on the ground.

Through my sobs I felt a hand on my back and a kind voice in my ear.  'Come with me.  I'll get you something to drink and calm you down.  Everything will be alright.'

The End

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