Eliza Frances - Impatience

3 weeks. It had been 3 weeks since my only living relative, my father, had ridden to war and left me in the care of my maid. 3 weeks stuck within this big house with just the help for company. 3 weeks without news. 3 measly weeks and I was already losing my mind.

"Oh Moira, tell me there has been some news today. Tell me that something has come from my father," I pleaded my maid, turning around to face the slightly plump and greying woman who had practically raised me.

"Now Miss Eliza, you know he is a busy man. He can't spare moments to write to you every day to let you know he is alright. I am sure he will be fine dear" she reassured me, reaching a reassuring hand out to pat my arm. "You mustn't concern yourself dear. There will be many months of little news to come."

"Oh I know" I replied, throwing myself down onto the bed. "But it's just so difficult. What if something happens to him? What will become of me then?" Sighing, I rolled over, and faced her again. "I just wish there was something I could do to help. If only I was born a boy, like he wanted. But no, I am a woman, and as a woman I must stay at home and do nothing. Its so frustrating."

Moira sighed, being used to my dramatic moods. "Moping in your room will not make the time go faster. Perhaps a ride in the countryside? It will surely take your mind off this war, and it is such a nice day outside" she suggested, gesturing to the window

I glanced outside, then nodded reluctantly. "I guess I could go out for a ride. Have Thomas saddle the horses for us Moira" I stated, rising from my bed. Moira hurried to the stables, knowing I would soon follow.

A few minutes later we were both down in the stable, watching as Thomas saddled my horse, and the one father had gifted Moira to ensure that I was not unescorted on my rides. It was not right for a woman to go riding alone, a fact that made me feel even more useless. If only there was something I could do.

A glance at Moira stopped my thoughts from going too far into that direction. A ride was supposed to take my mind off the war, not have me keep thinking about my useless situation. I was a woman, surely there was nothing I could do.

Before long we were riding along the country road in companionable silence. I was taking in the scenery, and the bright sunny day, and did not notice when a fox suddenly ran in front of my horse, causing her to rear and dump me onto the ground, right in front of the gate to one of the farms. 

Moira quickly asked if I was okay, before urging her horse after mine, in order to capture its reins. From within the farmhouse people came out, drawn by the commotion.

"Can you stand?" a young woman, about my own age asked, kneeling down next to me. 

The End

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