Eliza - Captured

I was aware of nothing after the confrontation with Rebecca until I woke up in what could only be described as a dungeon. Water could be heard dripping along with the noise of scurrying rodents. and it was all I could do not to shriek. 

Instead I forced myself to focus on the most important part of my surroundings, namely the locked door ensuring my captivity. A quick inspection of the lock showed that it at least appeared to be sturdy, but I had little chance to test just how well it would hold. Instead the sound of raised voices from somewhere nearby had be at the edge of my cell, struggling to hear.

"You foolish girl," yelled a man, his voice seeming almost to be in the room with me. Wherever this man was, his voiced carried. "Do you not realize what you have done?"

"I have done what I had to do. You have seen the evidence, you know what she is. If I had hesitated she may have escaped," piped up another voice, one that seemed to be Rebecca's. 

"You think we would ever let her escape you silly child? After everything that you now know? You think we would let that girl slip through our fingers?" The male voice snapped out. I could hear the anger in the voice, and flinched. Yet this anger was not directed at me. 

"Nevertheless it was I that captured her, before she could get word out. I shall be the one to get the reward, and not you, and that is what has you so mad" replied Rebecca, her voice calm despite the onslaught she was enduring.

"You will get no reward if he arrives and sees her in the dungeon you idiot. The cells are for the common class, not for the likes of her. If you had consulted me before trying your foolish plan you would have learnt that she should be locked in one of our 'guest suites' upstairs." Silence seemed to greet these words, and I strained my ears, in case Rebecca's reply was a soft one and that was the reason I was not hearing anything. 

Suddenly the man piped up again. "Yes you did not think of that did you? That one of her class should not be down in that forsaken pit. If you value your hide you will ensure she is moved before you send out word that you have her. Because I will not intercede for you if he chooses to punish you. You want to play this game at the highest level like I do then you have to face the consequences. And in this case the consequences will be high. Whether they will be good or bad will be up to you." 

Footsteps sounded, seeming, before I heard the sound of glass shattering and some quick angry muttered words. Though I could not catch the words themselves, it seemed Rebecca was speaking them and she was not happy. 

It seemed the action had finished. Silently I considered what I had heard. There was no escape from this dungeon it seemed, the lock on the door seemed too secure for that. But, unless the man was talking of another noblewoman Rebecca had captured recently, I was to be moved soon. Maybe from my new prison I would be able to find some way to escape. Surely it at least had to be better than this dark and dank cell. Besides, Alex would surely notice my absence, not to mention James. There are people to realize I was missing, and begin a rescue mission, and at the least it would be easier to rescue me if I was locked in a room above ground and not behind bars below it. 

 And then there was this mysterious person that Rebecca and the angry man kept referring to, the mystery man who would not be happy to see me locked away in the dungeon. If someone was going to be worried enough about my surroundings to punish the one who put me there then maybe his next actions would not be to arrange my immediate public execution. I may have been captured but I still had every hope I could get out of this alive. 

Footsteps sounded again, seeming to come this way, and sending me to sit at the back of my cell and appear as if I had only just awakened. I had just settled myself on the floor when Rebecca appeared, her eyes on me, the manservant who had knocked me out beside her.

"Ah there you are Eliza,our little spy, awake at last I see. You will be pleased to know we have decided to upgrade your present accommodations. And, if you agree to cooperate we may be able to move you without the assistance of Tobias here" Rebecca greeted, her words polite despite the sinister look on her face. 

"I do not know what you are talking about Rebecca, but I will see you are punished for this, and that man as well for daring to lay hands on a noblewoman. Just you wait until I am free again you self righteous...."

"I do not see how you will manage such a feat Eliza," interrupted Rebecca suddenly, a cold light glinting in her eyes. "For you see Eliza Frances, I know who you are...."

The End

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