Sebastian: Moving Out

I wasn't sure if I wanted the morning to come or not.  When the morning came I would have to set off into enemy territory to find my sister and her friends.  But what scared me most was the fact that I had no idea what I was going to find on the other side of the border.  Or what I wouldn't find.

I was worried about Alexandra; she was all I could think about as I prepared myself to leave.  I knew she could look after herself; she had proved it often enough but this was a very different situation.  Alex was surrounded by strangers in a foreign country and with no one to turn to for help if things went wrong.  And if things went wrong there would be no second chance to get it right.

It was a dangerous place to be.  I'd known that when I'd promoted Jon to recruiter, but I hadn't realized that he would recruit my sister. I must have tipped her off somehow in that letter I had Jon deliver. Well, the damage was done now. Fixing it would be the next challenge.

I watched the sun come up, knowing that at any moment the other members of my team would appear and we would set off into Handrin.  I should have slept.  Everyone knows that before a big mission you have to get a good night's sleep; who knows when you'll get another one, but I had been on edge all evening and hadn't been able to relax.

I saw Luke appear from his tent and knew I had to put my brave face on for the sake of the rest of my team.  If they saw I was scared then they wouldn't have faith in me as their leader.

"Good morning Luke," I said, trying to sound bright and positive.

"Good morning," was the groggy reply I received.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes.  At least I think I am."

"Good.  We'll have to be leaving soon."

The rest of the camp was silent, the way I liked it in the early hours of the morning.  No one was up yet except for the watch and the sky was turning a wonderful pinky orange colour as the sun began to rise.

Slowly the others began to arrive, all looking a little tired and disorientated from lack of sleep.  Clearly they had been worrying too.  I looked at all their faces.  Luke and Gerald Elliot, Lewis and Fredrick.  The faces of the ten additional men I had called upon to help with this mission.  I was determined to bring them all back safely to this camp along with my sister and the other spies.  

I just hoped it was an achievable goal.

"Are you all ready to leave?"  I asked the group.  A series of nods and murmured yes's confirmed this.  "Good.  Then let's move out."

The End

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