Luke: A Mission

Heavy silence settled in the tent. I could have never imagined myself in this moment, surrounded by important commanders, spies, and a general of the Iberan Army. All because of Jon.

At any other time, I would probably be intimidated by such men. Katrina was in more danger then any of us right now, and I was fuming with a mixture of anger and anxiety, so their position didn't matter all that much to me right now. We had all trusted Jon. Why would he have swept Katrina into danger if he felt for her what I thought he did? He was out of his mind, certainly. Gods, if I was to see him again, I don't know what I would do.

My father was the first to talk and break the quiet, his voice calm, cool, and collected, something I couldn't muster. "Do you know of my daughter's current position?"

The spy, Frederick, was the one to answer, "She was with Jon and another girl when I saw him last - all unharmed from what I could tell. She is likely still with him, which is probably the safest place for her to be at the moment."

Father breathed sigh of something similar to relief. "Well, what is to be done now?" he said after a moment.

"We are thinking about a party to go out into Handrin after them," Sir Frances offered.

"I'll go," I insisted, stepping forward. Father put a hand on my arm as if attempting to calm me down, or warn me, or perhaps both, but I continued anyway. "I've got to, with all due respect, Sirs."

The men around paused hesistantly. "Certainly," nodded Sir Frances, turning to my father as well. "And obviously you would join this expedition? It would be a crime to ask you to remain here when your daughter is in danger." He grimaced ruefully. "I myself desire to join your journey -,"

"Excuse me, Sir," Sebastian interrupted the man before he could continue. "Pardon my interruption, but you are needed here, and, excuse me, but you are too important to go galloping across Handrin on such a mission."

Sir Frances smiled, a tight purse of the lips. "Of course, Sebastian. I understand that completely. My daughter's safety will mainly be in the hands of our party, which I desire to be headed up by you, Sebastian, and you as well Frederick."

The two men nodded solemnly in agreement, seeming to be already thinking of the mission ahead of them. "Sir Frances," Lewis began. "Could I offer my own services in this?"

He bowed his head in an obliging approval, "Yes, you may as well." He looked around at us, his eyes briefly scanning over me. "Well, it seems like our party is shaping up. I assume you men must get to preparing and planning so that you may be ready by morning. Sebastian, whatever you need for this journey - horses, weaponry, any additional men - they are yours.  I want you departed at dawn's first light."  Obviously he was beginning to dismiss us.  "Move with all possible speed. There is no time to waste. Above everything, retrieve Eliza and keep her safe. I wish for you all good fortune, and that we may meet again."

The military men exchanged a few nods of the head with their commander - unsure I somewhat awkwardly attempted to do the same as them, but only felt foolish. I offered a second hasty bow of the head before I dropped behind Lewis and Father in the small line exiting the tent.

The End

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