Katrina: Onwards

We set off at the first light, the crisp air waking us as we stepped forward towards our intended destination - the garrison, which really I had no idea the location of the place and it seemed Nellie did not either. Without question, we followed after Jon's footsteps.

It was early, and all was eerily silent as birds just started to ruffle about in their tree-top abodes. Our shoes on the ground seemed loud in the quiet,  and it felt as if someone was watching - but lately, I had been always feeling a little paranoid and it was probably just me.

As there was no words exchanged between us, my mind wandering over home and family and war, the danger our friends were in and that which we headed into. Where were Luke and Father? Could they be dead already? I took a deep gulp of the morning air to stable myself - they were alright. The war hadn't started yet. It couldn't have.

I thought about Jon, my feelings for him. Where was his heart? What were his feelings?

But it didn't really matter right now. It was selfish and childish to think of such things at a time such as this. Others were in danger, and war was approaching faster than anyone anticipated. We were grimey and tired, our clothes dirty, and our feet hurting from walking, but no one complained.

We walked forwards, to wherever the garrison was, wherever Jon guided us. The sun began sailing higher in the sky, and our curious band marched on along the lonely, winding road.

Would Eliza and Alex be waiting for us there? What else would be waiting for us there? Death? I swallowed and looked at my companions, and thought of the others that weren't walking with us.

Would there be a chance for us to continue our spy game despite the setbacks? What sort of success had our sisters had in court? Would Eliza and Alex be fine? What about us? These and many more questions lingered as we moved onwards.


It was not long before we breaked - hungry and tiring for a rest. We took out was little food was remaining in our sacks, taking a moment to gather berries and such in the nearby surroundings, and settled.

"How much longer to the garrison?" wondered Nellie aloud.

Jon sighed, "At the pace we're walking, it'll take us another day or so."

"It may be to late by then, won't it?" I looked to him anxiously.

There was an unspoken agreement of silence, only broken by Nellie once more, "What we really need is some horses. At least one, maybe then one of us could go ahead if needed. But we don't have the money.....," she paused, glancing at Jon. "Or do we?"

"It's something we have to figure out when we reach the next village," he answered. "Right now, there is no where for us to get a horse."

With that, we dropped back into quiet, picking at the food thoughtfully. I wondered whatever happened to Jon's original horse, that striking bay I had always seen him ride into town on.....but refrained from asking. Obviously it wasn't in our options at the moment, and now wasn't the time to be worried over his old horse.

We finished quickly, gathering our things and setting off on the road once more. As we walked, my thoughts once again wandered, and as I walked next to Jon, I remembered that mysterious letter I had found what seemed to be so long ago - and the suspcions of mine that still lingered, as much as I attempted to push them aside and disclaim them.

"Have you heard from your sister lately?" I turned to him conversationally.

He seemed slightly taken aback by my question, as if he never expected it. "No, not lately," he answered shortly.

For a moment I pondered whether or not I should 'dig' any further or simply leave him, and the subject, alone. My curiousity got the best of me and I continued, "Have you visited her often, in the past?"

Hesitant, Jon allowed for something of a pause before he replied, "Sometimes."

"Oh," I said simply, our brief exchange ending. He stared off down the path, looking as if he himself was pondering the same thoughts, and questions, that I was. Sighing, I too gazed in another direction - the conversation had confused me more than ever before.

The End

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