Nellie: Familiar Face

I stared, wide-eyed a Frederick as he stared back at us, shocked.  None of us quite knew what to say or do, because none of us wanted to let on that we knew the other in case our identities would be revealed.

'Katrina?'  Frederick finally whispered.  'Nellie?'  We nodded, some of the tension releasing when we realised he had recognised us.  'Follow my lead,' he whispered, still keeping a firm grip on our shoulders.  'So you thought you could leave without me,' he said, his voice carrying across the crowded room.  'I don't think so.  You two are coming with me,' he said, leading us towards a door on the other side of the inn.

'Frederick, what are you doing?'  Katrina hissed.

'Improvising,' he replied as we walked through the door and found ourselves standing at the bottom of a wooden staircase.  'I have a room upstairs, it'll be safer if we talk there.'

We followed him up the stairs and into a small room where the three of us could only just fit in.  The bed took up most of the space in the room and there was no where else to sit so we all stood, slightly awkwardly, none of us wanting to appear selfish and sit down on the bed.

'What happened to you?'  Frederick asked, breaking the silence.  'After the fire, I couldn't find you anywhere.  I thought you had died.'

'We ran,' Katrina said.  'We ran as fast as we could and didn't look back.  What happened to you?  You disappeared.'

'I hid.  I tried to find you when the fire stopped but there was nothing.  I've been hiding ever since, trying to find you or Jon.  Did you find him?'

'Yes, he's with us now,' I said.  'He's trying to get us somewhere to stay for the night.'

'And what about the others?  Are they alright?  Are they still with you?'

'No they went off with another man,' I said helpfully, 'Tim Saunders.  But I didn't like him, there was something not quite right about him, I could tell.'

'But that can't be possible.'  Frederick's face screwed up in confusion, his brow furrowing and his mouth fixing into a stern line.

'Why?'  Katrina asked, picking up on the air of panic that was coming from our fellow spy.  'Why isn't that possible?'

'Because Tim Saunders was killed two days ago.'

The End

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