Katrina: The Inn

"Here, we'll rest here the night,"

"Are you certain it is safe?" Nellie asked Jon as we stopped before the inn in this small village. It was almost dark, a cool, grey twilight setting in. There was no one on the streets, and the only noises were sounds of the night, and the sound radiating from the inn where it could be seen, and heard, some people gathered.  

"I am certain," Jon answered confidently. "I have been here before; this inn is crossroads for many passing travelers. We should blend just fine. You two shall be my sisters, and we are traveling to see our ill...aunt."

We were too tired to contradict him or ask anymore questions. My feet were sore from walking and my head heavy, eyes yearning for sleep. Nellie and Jon appeared like they felt similarly.

Walking through the door, we entered a scene of a boistrous bar. There was a constant hum of chatter, clatter of plates, cups, and the pound of heavy footsteps. The whole place smelled like beer and dusty roads, the few laterns casting a musty veil of oily light over all. A few curious eyes turned our way. Nellie and I remained side by side as if in attempt not to get swept up in the scene.

"Can we just get a room and sleep?" I asked.

"You're not hungry?" Jon answered.

"Well....," I glanced about, unsure of where we were to find food in this place. Yet I did feel a slight pull of hunger in my stomach, especially at Jon's offer of food.

"Alright, I'll get us a room, and you girls see if you can find dinner anywhere," he instructed us. Nellie and I nodded, allowing for Jon to separate from us to go to the main counter.

Us two girls glanced around, starting to shift our way through the place, not helping to have a few extra eyes turn upon us. Mainly, it was all men, dirty from journeying or from working in the fields, coming from a long day of travel or a long day of work.

A hand grabbed both of our shoulders, making us jump. "Where do you think you're going?"

My heart stopped, almost not wanting to turn around. We've been caught. Swallowing, we both slowly turned around.

"Frederick?" stuttered Nellie.

The End

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