Alexandra: You're Going To Get Us Killed

'I need to talk to you,' Eliza said, dragging me away from Angel, her face suddenly looking determined.  'It's really important.'

'What is it?'

'I can't talk about it here,' she said, looking around and pulling me into a dark corner of the room.  'Can you see anyone watching us?'  I looked around the room.  Most of the couples were dancing, completely oblivious to the two young women huddled secretively in the corner.  But I could still see Angel's eyes on me.

'Mr Hurst is still watching us,' I whispered, trying not to look suspicious.

'OK then, we need to find somewhere quieter.'  She pulled me off again, this time towards a door leading away from the ballroom and into somewhere else.  As Eliza pulled the doors shut behind us I saw we were in a library, a rather small one for the size of the palace but still pretty impressive.

'What is it you wanted to say?'  

Eliza was looking more agitated than normal, rubbing her hands together and seemed unable to stand still.

'James knows who I am.'  There was a deathly silence as the news hit me like a punch in the stomach.

'You mean he knows your real name?'  She nodded.  'But you haven't blown your cover?  Please say he doesn't know you're a spy.'  The look in Eliza's eyes was all I needed to know she'd been discovered.  'You can't be serious Eliza!  You're going to get us killed, what if he's going to go and tell-'

'I trust him Alex,' Eliza insisted, cutting me off mid-rant.

'I don't care.  I don't want my life to be in the hands of a man I hardly know!'

'So that's why you were looking all cosy with Mr. Mystery Man over there.'

'You have no idea what we were talking about, and he has no idea who or what I am,' I said defensively.  'And I'm not going to be telling him the truth any time soon either.  He's a source of information, nothing more.'

'That's what James was too,' Eliza said, trying desperately to convince me everything was fine.  'But then I found out he's not everything he appears to be either.'

'Unless he's also an Iberian spy, I don't want to know.'

'Not quite,' Eliza said and I turned my back on her.  I would have been tearing my hair out at this point if it hadn't taken so long to arrange earlier.  'Listen to me.'  Eliza followed me, grabbing my arm and making me face her.  'He might not be an Iberian spy but he is an Iberian sympathiser.'

'That doesn't mean he won't rat us out as soon as things get tough.  If the Handrian authorities find out he's a sympathiser, how long do you think he will hold out under torture?  He has no allegiance to us.'

'But he's promised me,' Eliza insisted.

'Promises mean nothing.'  I took her by the shoulders and tried to make my voice sound less confrontational.  'I'm sorry for getting angry but I'm worried.  I don't want either of us to get hurt and the only way I can see of doing that is to only trust ourselves.'

'You might not trust James but I do,' Eliza said, not willing to let her argument drop.

'Well, let's put that aside for the moment.  I've just got some very interesting information from my good friend Mr. Hurst.'

The End

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