Eliza - Learning court gossip

The next day dawned bright and early. While most ladies of the court would dwell in bed as long as necessary, I was up early. I needed to check for messages, and perhaps write my own although I had little to divulge as of yet. I had not yet learnt anything of import, despite having danced with some of the officers who liked to share information about their position with impressionable young ladies. Alas it seemed that either these men did not know something, or knew things that they weren't supposed to share. But perhaps with more flirting....?

It was a thought I considered throughout the day. My task was my main thought, along with worry from the others who we had yet to receive word from. Though I had to admit it,occasionally my thoughts turned to one James Newberry. He was certainly different from the other men of court, quieter and somehow more sincere. Despite only dancing a few dances with him I could sense that.

As the day continued invitations began to arrive. I simply must dine Henrietta, and Jessica would simply die if I did not attend a luncheon with her. They were the usual invitations, girls hoping to make connections, or trying to seem proper ladies. And yes, despite her glares last night was an invitation from Rebecca, inviting me to a dance at her parents town house this very night. She had added an apology for the late notice, and said she would understand if I could not make it, but I was new and she couldn't possibly have invited me without being introduced first. 

I grinned at Moira. "She's hoping I'll say no, that I'll make some excuse. But I'll be there tonight" I divulged. 

"Good thing we brought lots of dresses with us. A young lady should always be prepared. And who knows, perhaps that handsome officer will be there," she teased, moving to the closet to begin pulling out dresses. 

"Moira!" I called, then grinned. "Deep into enemy territory and you still insist on trying to see me matched."


Soon it was nighttime. I was dressed and bedecked and ready to venture in the carriage to Rebecca's family's townhouse. 

As I entered, fashionably late of course but not too late to appear rude, I noticed the event seemed to be in full swing. There were gentlemen and ladies a dancing, and games of cards being played in another room. Beverages could be found in another.

Dismissing Moira to her own devices, I began to socialise. Rebecca was soon greeted. She seemed in her element as head of the hall, host of the party, all proper charm in our greeting. Glancing around I also noticed Alexandra was in attendance but decided to not chat to her tonight. We shouldn't appear too close just yet. 

A young man soon whisked me off to dance. He was an officer he was quick to tell me and I was quick to look impressed. 

"But isn't is awfully dangerous? You could be killed or hurt," I replied, casting a fearful light in my eyes and biting my lip.

The man grinned. "Well yes war is always a dangerous task. You never know when an enemy could sneak up on you. Why, I already have one battle scar," the man boasted.

"Oh you must be ever so brave. But surely you are still scared that you could be killed?" I asked

The man laughed. "Oh you worry for me do you? Well never fear. Our side has an advantage. Only I can't tell you about that, but let's just say that from what we're told there's some people working on something that will mean we'll be perfectly fine."

I let out a relived sigh while hurriedly thinking. Whatever thing this was that their side was working on, it had to be something that Alexandra and I could find out about. It sounded important, the sort of news that could mean all the difference. But before I could press this bragging young man for details the dance ended. I was led to the edge of the crowd before we parted ways. 

Turning, I had just decided to find Alexandra when I found myself face to face with none other than James Newberry

The End

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