I slept lightly in a chair in Lucy's room all night long after the incident with Tommy. Before going to sleep I had wondered for the longest time why Tommy was trying to get Lucy's stone...she was his sister for crying out loud! The next morning I woke up feeling slightly tired due to sleeping in a chair...but I was pretty much fine so I checked the topaz...still there, good. Lucy was still asleep when I checked on her and I kissed her lightly before leaving the room to see about getting things ready to go.

I piled up all the boxes at the door then ordererd a quick breakfast for all of us from McDonald's. When it arrived I paid the man with some money that I had brought with me in my wallet...I had quite a large amount in  a bank account at home, and I had the card in my wallet, but I was relatively sure that the delivery boy didn't take debit cards. When I had gotten all that done I got 0ut some orange juice that I had left in the fridge and set the table.

Lucy stumbled in sleepily, brought in by the smell of the breakfast burritos no doubt. 'Hungry?" I asked. Lucy nodded and I motioned for her to sit down. I poured her a cup of OJ and then sat down beside her with my own burrito. We were about half-way through when Tommy walked in and sat himself down with us.

It wasn't long before we had all finished and gotten up to start the process of moving...there wasn't all that much to move, some food, some clothes, some knick-knacks and a comfy chair. I called in a moving van and when it arrived we loaded it up.

The End

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