I watched as Lucy ran off through the snow. When she had disappeared around a corner I turned to Tommy, "Well, let's get started packing then..." 

Tommy nodded as we moved back upstairs and got the boxes Lucy had mentioned earlier out. As soon as I got up I took Lucy's topaz and put it safely on top of her chest of drawers. First we started packing up the living room it took us a couple hours but we eventually had all of Lucy's knick-knacks and stuff packed up.  I watched Tommy carefully the whole time, but he made no move toward the stone, he didn't even glance at the spot where it had been. There was something wrong with Tommy, I couldn't quite put my finger on it...but there was something bad...evil...about him. I shook my head, he was Lucy's brother! He couldn't be all that bad could he? I decided to give him another chance as we moved to pack up all the stuff in the kitchen. 

By the time we had finished the kitchen, I was actually starting to like Tommy! He had some scars, both mental and physical, from his time with the Black Ones, but he wasn't that bad of a guy! The bathroom didn't take very long to pack up, and neither did Lucy's room, though we both decided that Lucy's clothes were her domain and we had no business messing with those. We had just had enough time to sit down in the bare living room when Lucy came in. 

"Ugh, that man has turned my brain to a pulp!" she complained as she came in. I quickly got up and moved over to where she had just finished taking off her coat. 

I put my arms gently around her waist. "You want me to get you some aspirin?" I asked as I planted a kiss on her cheek. 

Lucy nodded gratefully then addressed both of us, "Ok, good news is: I got us a house; bad news is : its halfway across town." 

As I let go of Lucy I noticed her fingertips were starting to turn a little bit blue; so I decided that I'd get her a cappuccino to help the pill go down...she looked really tired. When I had finished her cappuccino I put it into the only mug we hadn't packed and brought it to her with two aspirins. When I handed her the cup she grinned. "Cappuccino! My favorite!" She smiled happily, then leaned against me affectionately as I sat next to her. 

"So, Tommy, how did you escape the Black ones?" I asked as I put my arm around Lucy. 

We started a conversation, but I felt Lucy falling asleep despite the cappuccino. It wasn't long before she had completely relaxed and her breathing evened out. I carefully picked her up and brought her to her bed. "Goodnight Love," I whispered as I softly kissed her forehead. When I straightened up I realized that the topaz was no longer where I had put it. I quickly moved back to the living room, just in time to see Tommy's back as he moved out the door and tried to go down the stairs. He didn't get far before I blew him back in to the room. I grabbed him by the back of his coat. "Look I trusted you..." I said, glaring accusingly at him, "Lucy trusts you. Why do you need to betray that trust?" I reached into his pocket and took out the topaz. I shook my head as Tommy stared angrily back at me. Angrily! No, he wasn't ashamed, he was angry at being caught! I would really have to keep an eye on this kid. 

The End

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