Lucinda: Place To Stay

I closed the door behind me and walked over to the sink, the only reason why I had gone to the bathroom was to give them time to adjust to each other. I felt myself smile and put the tap on, I waited for the basin to fill a bit before I splashed my face. I glanced around the small bathroom, there was no way we'd all be able to stay here.

I had given them enough time to get to know each other, plus I was fed up of re-arranging the same towels 50 times over. I unlocked the door and walked over to the two guys, for some reason I William had one of his looks on his face.

"So, you guys become friends in my absence?" I raised a questioning eyebrow at William. He just smiled at me,

"Yeah, we're getting along fine sis." Tommy said placing his hand on my head and messing up my hair. I folded my arms and growled,

"Just because you've had a growth spurt doesn't mean I'm not still older then you." Tommy laughed at me and I sent him a cool glare. He held his hands up in mock defeat,

"OK, OK. Whatever you say big sis."

"Yeah you better remember the BIG sis part." William snorted behind me and I spun round to see him covering his face with a hand. His hand slid slowly down his face as William glared meaningfully at Tommy, "And I will be here to enforce that."

 I looked around the room, there was hardly enough space for us to stand and I could feel the awkwardness rising.

"Right, we need to find a bigger place to live. I'm afraid my tiny pad won't do for all of us. Unless you two want to share a room?"

"No!" They both said in unison,

"He probably snores," Will said tilting his head at Tommy,

"Yeah, what he said!" Tommy nodded.

"Well I guess we should look at some places to stay, and I need to find a new job because the rent isn't going to pay itself." Tommy shook his head,

"Don't worry about it Lu, I've got some money that I can spare and I think I could find you a job." I didn't notice William narrowing his eyes a Tommy as we walked out into the corridor. I walked up to the notice board and ran a finger along the adverts showing. I huffed, none of them were for rents,

"We're going to have to go into town." I frowned,

"Your meant to be... uh... well..." I said glancing at Tommy, he finished the sentence for me.

"Dead?" I nodded and kicked some of the snow that had piled at the edges. I heard William stand behind me and turned round, pointing an accusing finger,

"And you just stand out! I mean there's no way that you look like you come from here. Right here's the plan, I'll find a house to stay in while you guys start packing, that ok with you? Oh, Will you don't have to stay you know..." I looked down at the floor sadly, "I know it's been ages since you've seen your mum so you don't have to stay. Me and Tommy will be fine on our own and I'll call you every day."

"No," Will set his face defiantly, "I'll go wherever you go, I'm not going to leave you."

I looked up surprised and said, "But what about your mum, she'll be worried sick!" Tommy nodded and said,

"Yeah! Me and Lucy can look after ourselves. You don't have to cause your mum any hardship." I nodded agreeing.

"I'll call her... She would want me to be with you thought," Will replied, a smile forming on his face, "She is always bugging me about getting a girl friend... now I have one." I smiled and kissed him gently on the cheek.

"If your sure... I better get going before it closes. You guys will be ok with the packing right? There are some boxes in the wardrobe." They both nodded and Tommy said,

"Don't worry sis I'll keep his out of the things he shouldn't see." He patted Will on the back and made his way up the stairs back to the room. I smiled and waved at William,

"I won't be long. Call me if you need me, love you!" I began to run along the snow covered streets.


The End

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