William: Something Wrong

"Oh great! Now I feel tiny!" Lucy exclaimed, glaring at us as if it were all our fault. Both Tommy and I laughed hard.

I pulled her in closer, "Don't worry, we love you anyways," I said between laughs.

"Yeah yeah, why are you both so tall? It must be the food you eat or something?" Lucy complained. 

That set Tommy and me off into yet another round of laughter, "Yeah," I replied when I finally got over my laughter, "we ate all our spinach...like Popeye." 

"Hmm, so I see," Lucy replied as she gave a suspicious look. "I can understand you...but my own flesh and blood?? how is that fair?"

I looked over at Tommy who shrugged, "I ate my lasagna?" 

Lucy humphed and leaned back into me; her head came up almost to my chin.

I rested my chin on her head, "Aww it's not so bad! Besides, we need to be big so we can protect you!" I exclaimed. 

Lucy raised an eyebrow, "I can protect myself...or should I say we."

"Give us a break Lucy! We're guys, we need to believe that we're protecting you," I retorted.

"Yeah guys have the ego for that," she admitted, then winked and put her arms around both of us, "Aww my two favorite boys."

"I'll be right back," Lucy said as she released us and headed for the bathroom.

Tommy started to look around, until he saw Lucy's topaz sparkling in the sun by the window. I saw a flash of something...greed?...flash through his eyes, and I didn't like it. I shook my head,

I'm just jealous that I have to share Lucy.

Tommy walked over to the window and picked up the stone, "Where did Lulu get this?" he asked. 

I shrugged, "On a trip she went on recently."

"Huh," he said, then put it down and moved on to some other knick-knacks . I sighed, the tension leaving me, I must have imagined it. After all, Tommy IS Lucy's brother. 

"So, how did you survive the crash?" I asked conversationally.

Tommy looked up, as if startled, "Oh, that, one of the crazy ladies came in through this weird hole and pulled me through, my parents crashed because they were so busy worrying about me that they didn't pay attention to the road." 

Just as I was about to look away I saw a glimmer of orange in Tommy's hand as it moved toward his pocket. I looked up to see that Lucy's topaz was gone! "Hey! What are you doing!" I demanded of Tommy. 

He looked at me and his cheeks turned really red, as if her were little and I was his mother catching him with his hand in the cookie jar, "Sorry," he said as he put it back, I just wanted to see it again, then when you asked about how I survived the crash...I just...well, I just kinda forgot that I still had it in my hand."

I raised my eyebrow, I didn't believe him, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt and let it go...though I would be keeping a careful eye on him from now on. Lucy chose that moment to come out of the bathroom, "So, you guys become friends in my absence?" she asked.

The End

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