Lucinda: Tiny

Sunlight streamed through the curtains, I rolled over and tried to fall asleep but something was nagging at the back of my mind. I buried my head into the duvet, I heard something crumple. Opening my eyes a crack I felt the paper clutched in my hands, I opened it slowly, wincing from the stiffness. It was a post-it note, the one from last night... the one from Tommy. I frowned, the note from Tommy and then William had appeared. I pushed back the covers and got up grabbing a black tee shirt, with a enlarged butterfly on it, from the cupboard and black jeans. I went into the bath room and locked the door behind me, putting on the top and jeans I thought about what was happening. How come I hadn't heard from Tommy for all these years? Why had he never come to see me? How was he doing? Was he ok? William's voice cut across my train of thoughts,

"Lucy! Lucy you need to see this." I could hear the excitement in his voice, it was then that I heard another voice muffled through the door, it sounded like they were protesting. I yawned and reached out for the door handle, pulling it open while covering my face with my hand.

I stepped out into the bedroom and brought my hand down, I opened my mouth to tell Will that it was too early to be shouting but all that came out was a choke. In front of me was a boy, he was as tall as Will and had the same red hair as me but cut to a shorter length, and sparkling green eyes. He looked around the same age as me, maybe younger.

"Y- You're... B-... w-..." I stuttered. The boy was looking around, trying not to meet my eye.

"To-Tommy?..." I felt my heart speed up and the room seemed to spin slightly,

"I think she's going to faint!" Tommy yelled at William, I felt myself go down and someone catch me.

A while later I found myself lying on the sofa in the front room, the TV was buzzing to itself in the background. I opened my eyes and saw William pacing a few steps away from me. I saw red hair out of the corner of my eye and turned my eyes towards the person who was leaning against the sofa with their face turned towards the TV.

I brought my hand down hard on their head and they yelped in surprise,

"You jerk!" I yelled, I sat up and the room span again, I reached out a hand and William was next to me. I turned my eyes upon him and glared at him and then looked back at Tommy, he was now standing up and was rubbing his head.

I got up and pushed Will away,

"You absolute jerk!!" I hit him on his chest,

"Where have you been?!" I hit him again,

"What happened to you?!?!" I could feel the tears in my eyes. I slapped him, and then collapsed into his chest,

"Why did you leave me?" I cried gently into his chest, he smelt like how Tommy had used to. Tommy stood shocked for a moment before I felt his arms wrap around me, he chuckled and I felt it reverb through me,

"You've changed so much Lulu." I snorted, and said without looking up,

"Like you'd know," I paused, "I thought you were dead! Why are you such a jerk?!" Tommy laughed harder,

"I'm sorry sis, I didn't mean to leave you for so long but some women kidnapped me." I felt myself shudder and Will said,


Something tugged at the back of my mind, I lifted my head up and frowned. I pulled Tommy's face down and stood up on tip-toes, I was inches from his face and looking at his eyes. He gulped,

"Er... Sis not that I haven't missed you and all but I'm not the whole kissing type." I just snorted and said,

"Don't get your hopes up kid. I'm not going to kiss you." I heard William breath a sigh of relief and I smiled at how protective he was,

"She said you were blind..." Tommy frowned in confusion,

"Well I'm not blind..." I rolled my eyes,

"I can see that", I heard William cough behind me and I laughed out loud,

"Seriously? He's my brother there's no way I'd have a relationship like that with him," I walked up and kissed Will on the cheek, he blushed slightly.

"Wow Lucy has a boyfriend, never thought I'd see the day." Tommy teased, I turned around and glared. William chuckled and wrapped his arms around my waist. I peered up and notice Will looking at Tommy curiously,

"Oh great! Now I feel tiny!" I said glaring at both of them. They burst out laughing and I just crossed my arms, smiling slightly.  

The End

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