Just a DrinkMature

I woke up the next morning, listening for any signs of life in the house. I couldn't hear anything, so that meant Brent and Juliana had gotten in late. I stretched, and winced, for a second forgetting about my head. I looked in the mirror. Hmmmm......it looks a little better.I decided to get Juliana up and let Brent get his own ride to school. I knocked on Juliana's door, gently telling her to wake up. I heard her mumble as I walked away. I headed for the kitchen, despite my lack of appetite.

I looked around, surprised Mom's car wasn't there. Strange......Mom is always around in the mornings. I whirled the corner, a little surprised.

Dad was there. 

He looked up, and got a shocked look on his face as he looked into my eyes. "Lillith, what happened to your face?" He looked genuinely concerned, and I just about let my walls fall down. But no. "I just tripped the other day at school......then bumped into a locker." He looked at me, a little bit suspiciously, then turned back to his paper. I decided now was as good of a time as any. 

"Dad......where's Mom?" He looked up, a bit taken aback by my question. "She.....uh.....she.......went to go run some errands." I nodded, not quite buying it. I heard the shower turn on, and knew Juliana must be getting ready. I grabbed a banana and walked back to my room, wondering about his answer. 

I stood in the mirror, examining my face. I think I need a drink. Even though it doesn't help that much. I reached under my bed, pulling out the bottle I kept when I was feeling especially low. I took a nip, just a tiny one. Just enough to get me through the day. I got ready, wearing sweats and a shirt. Juliana came out, wearing another pair of tiny shorts, and a tank top. We got into the car, and I was expecting her to wonder about Brent. She didn't. 

I wanted to ask where she had been last night, but decided against it. Its her life, I have no right to try to control it. But she looked.......sad. Sadder than my little sister had ever looked. 

"Juliana? Are you ok?" I watched her in the rearview mirror, and realized she had been crying. "Yeah. I'm fine. I just feel a little sick." I nodded. "What about you? You feel ok?" I saw her looking at me anxiously.She cares......she really cares."Yeah, I actually feel better today." That might have something to do with my alcohol level.We pulled into the school parking lot, and she went in her direction. I saw her put on a smile and sidle up to her friends. I sat back in the car and sighed.  

Lies. Everybody is living a lie. 

The End

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