That Kind of PartyMature

Dathan was so sweet.

He came to the door and helped me into his car, commenting on how great I looked over and over.

We kept small talk going all the way to the party. I had never really been to a party... not a high school party, anyway. As Dathan parked in an open spot in the front lawn, several guys and girls walked out the front door spilling beer and smoking something I'm sure was illegal.

Oh no.

It's that kind of party. How could I not have known... Especially after I knew Brent would be there. He doesn't go to just any party.

I had to dodge people and trash just to get to the door... But Dathan didn't seem phased, so I didn't say anything. When he walked in, several people gave a cheer and he smiled at them all.

I didn't know anyone. I had no idea how to behave in this environment. I had never drank or tried drugs before. I didn't even know how.

People were making out right and left. I tried not to stare, but I looked a little too long in the corner and caught Brent's eyes... And he caught mine.


He was not happy. He began hauling towards me, leaving behind the half naked girl he had in his arms.  Fear shot through my body as I tried to decide how to compose myself... I figured he'd see me and ignore me all night, sulking that we were at the same party. But nooooo I was a little wrong...

He began yelling at me. Before I knew it, I had been thrown backward and Dathan was on the ground under Brent's foot. I screamed at him to stop and another football player pulled him away. I grabbed Dathan's hand and we left, both hurt by my own brother.

"You OK?" I asked, genuinely concerned. He coughed a couple times and shook his head yes, clearly humiliated. "Who was that *&%#*#$?" I silently nodded my head, indicating that I had no idea. "That's OK. We can still have some fun, right?"

I naively shook my head yes.

He led me to the car... and opened the door to the backseat. I looked at him puzzled... Ooooooh..... That kind of fun.

What was I supposed to do?

I was definately not ready for this much fun yet... But I desperately wanted Dathan's approval. I wanted him to be crazy about me.

I had obviously accomplished the first step, I suppose.

I hesitantly climbed in and scooted over for him. I was getting myself pretty worked up. What do I do, what do I do, what do I do, what do I do....

He reached over towards me and my stomach churned. Oh no... Please no...

It happened.

I vommitted.

All. Over. Dathan.

Dathan, one might say, was having a rough night.

Repulsed by my disguisting gesture, he opened the car door and nearly fell out, ordering me to follow him. I nervously did.

He began using choice words I had only heard Brent use. "Get in the car! The front seat!"

I obediently climbed in the front seat. I may have just completely destroyed any chance I had with Dathan, but I was secured in the front seat at least.

The End

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