Just a whoreMature

 I was having a nice make out session when it was all ruined by my brat little sister. She walked in and was shocked to see the amounts of weed, alchohol and near naked women all over the place. She gasped when she saw me with my hands on Brittany's ass. I shot her a look of hatred and then let go of my girl toy and stormed over to her.

 " What the hell are you doing here?" I snarled, barely restraining my hands from sending her flying into something. She glared at me with this stuck up look like 'I'm far better than you' and this royally pissed me off. I glared at the one who obviously invited her, some so called hot shot named Dathan, was on varsity or something retarded like that.

 " Oh so you think you're all that because you're some sex tooy for this moron." I smirked coldly at her, and she gasped, immediately moving towards me fist outstretched.

 " That isn't true!" She screamed, " He doesn't just like me for my body!" She had tears streaming down her cheeks now. I laughed and threw her off me as her body almost connected with mine. I laughed as she hit the ground and her little 'boyfriend' helped her up.

 " Listen here hon," I said an evil glint in my eye, " The only reason any guy would want you, is to get in your pants, not that there's anything down there that you know how to use." Everyone laughed at that one as Juliana began to cry, I smiled those white teeth at her laughing along with everyone else.

 That's when her boy toy tried to take a swing at me, I ducked and sent him sprawling on the ground with a punch straight into the stomach. He foolishly tried to get up but I had my foot planted down on his neck, suffocating him, I glared down at him and pushed down harder until one of the other football players pulled me off before I could finish the wretch.

 " Now get out before I decide to end you and this miserable little popularity contest." I smirked as she ran out of the room dragging Dathan behind her, coughing uncontrollably,  The entire room went back to partying it up, getting drunk and high again.

 While me, heh, I went back to my new little girlfriend, she didn't know it yet, but she was mine now...

The End

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