Despite the HeartbreakMature


The desperation in my sister's voice tugged at the deepest depths of my heart. What had it been that caused me to walk past the school dumpster in time to find my helpless sister struggling inside it, a group of disguisting boys twice her size running away?

Whatever it was, I couldn't help wondering what could have happened had I not been there.

As I lunged forward to help my poor sister out of the trash, I noticed another boy oddly standing nearby. Cocking my head a little, I could make out Brent's muscular physique.

What a menacing monster. Seriously, Brent? Not even out of common decency? Really? You're going to watch this?

I was heartbroken. This is my sister we're talking about. And my brother, for that matter.

It had been a good day, too. A good day. A day I might have gone home smiling.

I was really starting to like this guy in my Spanish class, Dathan's his name. As study partners... we don't get much studying done. But I could tell a relationship was budding.

What's better than a funny, good looking sophomore? A sophomore who by the way is on the varsity football team?

As we reviewed Spanish verb endings, he asked if I was doing anything tonight. No, I think my schedule's open, I say. He asks if I wanna go to a party.

This isn't no ordinary party.

This is football team, cheerleaders, popular popular kids party.

Do I wanna go to a party?

Umm, yes. Yes, I want to go. Please. Yes. Yes!



And now this.



How could anyone do this? How could anyone go through with what these boys actually intended to do and not hate themselves forever? How?

How could Brent be like those boys?

Lillith is strange, and her constant depression saddens me... But I love her more than I love anyone in my horrible family. Anyone.

I helped her out and held her up by her shoulder as the three of us walked to the car. She drove home in unbroken silence... No one really knew what to say I guess.

When we got home, Lillith's tears began to fall, and Brent heartlessly left the room to answer his phone. As I tried with all my heart to console Lillith, which was difficult since the entire episode had done a number on my emotions as well, a nice car pulled up front and Brent fled the house mentioning something about  a party we weren't cool enough to attend.

Shoot. The party. Brent's going.

Of course he's going! How could I not have thought of this?

I worked to calm Lillith down, and after about an hour she climbed into bed and I coaxed her to sleep.

Wiping the tears that had stubbornly worked their way down my face as I watched my unconsolable sister despairingly cry to me for some time, I ran to my room to get ready for the party I wasn't all that excited for anymore.

I switched my itty bitty shorts for a black mini skirt and fluffed my hair a few times in the mirror before Dathan pulled up in a nice, but not fancy, little silver car.

I'm not cool enough for the party, Brent? Whether you like it or not, you sister's on your level tonight.

The End

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