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 So my sister got beat up by some friends, why should I give a shit? Not my problem they think ugly chicks are only for screwing. When we got home she went into her room and started bawling like a baby. I rolled my eyes as Juliana tried to play the 'hero' and scold me for what had happened.

 " Do you realize she could've been killed?" She growled lowly, " How would you have felt then, if your own sister had-" I cut her off with a fierce look in my eyes and a hard back hand that sent her sprawling into the kitchen cupboards. She let out a small cry before I shoved my hand down onto her mouth to shut her up.

 " Do you really want to see how I'd feel if one of the stupid whores I called sisters died?" I asked with such menace in voice I shook, and Juliana rattled like a leaf until I got up as my phone began to ring. I looked down to see that it was one of my friends on the football team, I got up off the floor and went outside, knowing I wouldn't be in this run down piece of carp I called 'home' for long.

 " Yo Brent, we're having a party over at my house tonight," Travis, one of the full backs, said with excitement, " All the alcohol, weed and  bitches you could ever want." The weed part was all I needed, but the rest just made it even better.

  " I'll need a ride can you get me?" The reply, obviously was a yes, I had exactly 20 minutes to get ready. I walked back inside to see Juliana and Lilith talking to each other, both shooting me evil glares and I shot back a pearly white smile that could've blinded them. I moved into my room, once again kicking my bible out of the way and picking up my black flat billed hat. I smiled in the mirror again, rubbing my hands down my hard abs and smirking.

  I shoved past my sisters again as they headed into Juliana's room for god knows what, not that I really cared. I shouted that i was leaving and as I made my way outside Travis was already there with his girlfriend in the back of his car. I smiled at Travis, he had thick dark brown hair that fell just above his neck, his muscles weren't anywhere near as defined as mine.

  " Yeah baby let's get fucking wasted!" I shouted and the rest of the car chanted the same thing. I wasn't disappointed in the least, there was a ton of weed and at least twenty bottles of vodka, and after I'd gotten a nice high and buzz I found myself a nice looking girl to have some fun with, it was Brittany Clarington, long legs, short dress, sexy black hair that fell past her shoulders.

 I came over and wrapped my arms around her waist, and we made out for a while, and then I moved my hands lower, and lower and lower...

The End

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