Blank FacesMature

We all piled into the car, Juliana in the back and Brent in the passenger seat. I turned the keys into the ignition and we rode in silence. Until Brent started his morning speech. "Remember guys, we get out of the car, we head in different directions. I wouldn't be seen with losers like you." He smiled, that horrible cruel smile he does when he's being an *&^%^*#. Ugh, I despised him. Juliana nodded, her earbuds in her ears. I studied her in the rearview mirror. She had so much makeup on........

I wanted to tell her it wouldn't work. That nobody would accept her because she wore makeup, or if she wore tight clothes. But then again, she was quite beautiful. Her eyes were stunning. I used to envy her eyes. I sighed and pulled into the parking lot. 

We got out of the car and started to walk. I saw Brent go with some of his football goons and Juliana head in the direction of some of her middle school friends. That left me. I headed to my usual spot behind a little tree. I pulled out my chemistry book and started to review the questions, until the bell sounded. 

The whole day I didn't talk, and nobody talked to me. I kept my head low and my feet walking. I didn't stand out. That's the way to do it. After school I walked to the car and waited for Brent and Juliana. They would still be talking to their friends, making weekend plans even though it was only Monday. I sighed, noting how lonely I was, but trying hard to care. 

That's when the thugs grabbed me from behind. 

They grabbed my shoulder and I reeled back, one of them clapping his hand over my mouth so I couldn't scream. They dragged me to a little corner by the dumpster and tossed me there. I looked into their faces and realize they were Brent's friends! Is this Brent's idea of a practical joke?But then I realized......they were started to come closer. Their laughter was cruel and there was an evil glint in there eyes. I started to scream, but nobody could hear me. 

They ripped off my jacket, and I started to kick at their faces. At that moment Brent rounded the corner. He looked shocked to see me there. Oh good, he'll help me. "Brent! Help me! Tell them to get off of me!" He looked at me blankly then turned his eyes to his "friends". "Brent, do you know this girl?" I looked at him desperately.

Please, Brent just this time, tell them to leave me alone. Please God make him tell them, pleasepleaseplease. He looked from his friends to me and said "I don't know her! You kidding? Why did you guys pick her? You coulda picked a better one." I was shocked. How could he do this to his own sister? I started to cry, knowing what was about to happen next. 

Then Juliana rounded the corner, saw me on the ground and Brent's friends standing over me. Her eyes widened in terror as she started to scream at the top of her lungs. They started to run, but not before one of them kneed me in the face, knocking my head on the concrete.

I woke up to Juliana looking at me in the eyes, my head in her lap. Brent stood there awkwardly. I looked at him pain in my eyes. I tried to stand up, but then fell back down. I tried again, Juliana supporting my arm. We walked to the empty parking lot, my car sitting alone in the middle. I plopped down in the driver seat and leaned my head back. Brent got into the passenger seat, put in his earbuds and looked out the window. Juliana watched me, eyes wide, waiting for me to say something. I put the keys into the ignition and started to drive, ignoring the pounding of my head. 

This was going to be a good year. 


The End

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