My Morning RitualsMature

I forced myself to climb out of bed when I heard Brent fooling around in the bathroom. If I was going to start making an impression at school I needed extra time in the morning to look my best.

I had been spending my savings on clothing and make up, and my wardrobe was pretty full at this point. What to wear, what to wear...

I selected a pair of itty bitty denim shorts with holes revealing any skin below my waist that wasn't already exposed. A loose fitting hot pink tank top and black wedge heels completed the sexy look I was going for.

Of course... I had to cover myself with a sweatshirt and baggy pants until I could escape Mom's watchfull eyes. It sucks living the life of a preacher's kid.

My dad would probably be able to see through my disguise... but from the silence echoing throughout the house, I figured he had already left for work.

Grabbing the mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, foundation, concealer, blush, lipstick, and lip gloss I had purchased at the department store yesterday I made my way to the bathroom and shoved the door open with my free hand.

Upon entrence, I was thrown backward with a blow to my head and hit the wall with a thud before opening my eyes to see Brent smiling viciously at the sight of my pain. Holding my pounding head and cringing from the pain of hitting the wall, he grabbed me by the shoulders and violently shook my skinny figure as he directed me out the door, saying something about his needing more time in the bathroom than I did.

How did he do it? How could he be such a ruthless monster to me and Lillith but still manage to walk through school as if he wore a crown of royalty? Maybe it was his looks? His football captain title? His assortment of female arm candy? I don't know. But whatever it is, I don't have it.

I returned to my room and decided to flat iron my hair while I patiently waited for my turn in the bathroom. While the straightener heated up, I stared at the image Brent repeatedly referred to as "repulsive."

Brent had all the good looks I was lacking. His golden, perfect hair, the dazzling white pearls he revealed with every creepy smile other girls found captivating, the ridiculous muscle mass he constantly flexed for anyone who would look... It was all quite opposite my features.

My stringy dirty blonde hair reached slightly below my bony shoulders. My teeth were white because I brushed them constantly... but were hidden behind retainers. Freckles speckled my pale face in the same manner they did Lillith's, and we had about the same eyes, except mine had more of a bluish tint and seemed bigger since my face was so small.

The only thing I really have going for me is a skinny figure, the envy of all the girls that don't have it. I didn't try to stay thin or anything, I just did. I'm trying to eat more than I normally do so my chest will fill out some of my clothing, but I think that will just take time.

Just as I finished straightening the living daylights out of my hair the shower shut off and a couple minutes later Brent was finally out of the bathroom. Running inside and quickly painting my face until I was nearly unrecognisable, I threw on my backpack and hustled downstairs to eat breakfast before school.

Fortunately I didn't get down there until after Brent had begun his morning ritual of tormenting Lillith, but not before he could once again shove me around on the stairs.... And than again into the cupboards once I reached the kitchen. "Lighten up, Juliana. Don't give me the look all the boys give you."

We all ate together at the table, but nobody acknowledged each other. Brent filled up on his daily "protein packed" drink and meal as he stared at his phone screen... probably looking at things I didn't want to know about. Lillith fingered the pages in her book and hardly touched her breakfast... something was always bothering Lillith. Mom sat at the table half reading the newspaper/ half drinking her coffee. I sat texting a guy from school that got my number in Spanish class. He was a sophomore, so if I could get something started with him it would definately give me some status in the freshman class.

The clock struck 7:45, and Lillith and Brent stood to leave for school. I took one last bite and followed them out the door.


The End

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