A demon in sheep's clothingMature

 I got up from my bed, flexing my broad features, and I saw my bare body in a mirror, absolutely stunning. I smiled into the mirror, I was fucking perfect in every aspect possible, my body was stunning, my short sandy blond hair sparkled like gold, I was the captain of the football team and the most popular guy in school. I could get any girl I want and any particular 'item' I wanted.

 I pulled off my t-shirt smilig to myself once more in the mirror as I observe my perfect body, my younger sister was coming out of her room, headed for the bathroom, but then this is my domain, and I was the only person who got the shower this early in the morning, I shoved her out of the way, her body smashing into the wall from the force of the blow from my shoulder and she stifled a small gasp of pain.

 "  That's what you get," I said as I stepped in the bathroom, " You know I need to smell my best for school." She glared at me as I slammed the door in her face, possibly even catching her hair in the door. I laughed as I got into the shower, moving the soap over my muscles as they bulged from all the workouts that made me the beast who I was, I got out and wrapped a towel around myself, opening the door to see my little sister glaring at me from the other room, tears rimming her eyes I smiled, teeth sparkling like a dozen stars in my mouth.

 I moved into my room, shoving the bible on the dresser onto the floor so I could grab the hoodie and jeans laid out for me. I put them on and kicked the bible into the closet, no time for me to  worry about another book getting lost. My little sister moved down the hallway and I let out a small laugh as she bounced back trying to shove past me, my weight making her skinny body look like a rag doll.

 She glared at me and I glared back for a moment and then batted those killer blue eyes and shoved her towards the bathroom with a smirk. I turned my back on her and  went into the kitchen, pouring down some milk and cereal into a bowl and then wolfing it down in seconds flat. I let out a loud belch and then shoved the bowl into the dish washer, Lilith giving me a disgusted look.

 " Don't give me the look every guy gets when they see you," I laughed as her eyes widened at the insult, " Jeez Lilith lighten the fuck up." I slapped her on the bac and she winced, but I timed it pretty bad because mom walked in right then.

 "Brent Cunningham! We do not talk like that in this house!" She said glaring at me, " Now you apologize to your sister right now!" I sighed and looked over at Lilith with a look of anger.

 " I'm sorry Lilith." Mom looked pleased and the second she looked away I gave both her and Lilith the middle finger, to show just how much I 'Loved my family'. Yeah what a load of fucking lies and garbage that is.


The End

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