Lucy's younger brother has shown up...Lucy is really happy but William is suspicious...something just isn't right about him...

I held Lucy close to me, losing myself in the feeling of her warm body pressing up against mine, the beat of her heart, the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed in and out. It had only been about a day since we had last seen each other, but the parting had been so hard on both of us, and it seemed like forever ago. 

After about fifteen minutes of just enjoying her closeness I pulled away just enough to look into her beautiful green eyes, "Lucy, would you come home with me?" I asked hopefully.

She glanced nervously around the room, "I...I cant leave my home."

I looked around as well, confused, what is here that she couldn't leave? "W-why not?" I stammered. 


"There are...things here," she answered looking around at the dust-covered apartment.


"I could take what ever it is with us..." I offered hesitantly.


"It's not the matter of what but rather..." Lucy said quiety, then looked down, "of who."


I immediately realized what she was talking about, there was only one person who she might care about enough to keep her here...her brother. I pulled her into a full hug again, "I'll stay here with you until we find your brother..." I promised. I stopped as a horrible thought came to me, what if he wasn't alive, what if the black ones had been lying to her when they said they had her brother? "Are you sure he is alive?" I asked, then immediately regretted it.


"I have... reasons to believe he is..." she answered then swallowed hard...I shouldn't have asked, "I don't know! But I can't let him go again," she blurted out then buried her face in my chest as she began to cry. 

I wrapped my arms tightly around her, silently berating myself for my stupidity in asking that question. I knew that her brother was a sore subject for her! Why did I have to go and make it worse! "I'm so sorry Lucy," I told her as I rubbed her shaking back and she shuddered with silent sobs. 

Eventually the tears stopped, but she still kept her head buried in my chest, and I continued to rub her back and whisper comfortingly in her ear. It wasn't long before she fell asleep in my arms. I carefully picked her up and brought her into her room. I laid her out on her bed then tucked her in. "Goodnight," I whispered lovingly as I brushed away a strand of hair that had plastered itself against her forehead. My heart felt like it was about to burst, she was just so...vulnerable...when it came to her little brother. I wanted to pick her up and shield her from every bad feeling that ever came her way. I ran a hand down her smooth, tear-stained cheek one more time before moving back to her living room and going to sleep on the couch. 

I woke up with a start the next morning, Lucy! Where was Lucy? I looked around desperately, then remembered where I was and moved to her room. She was still sleeping peacefully and I sighed in relief. I looked at my watch, 8:56 AM. Not a horrible time to get up at I suppose. I sat down in a chair next to her bed then ran a hand slowly across her cheek. 

I heard a noise and looked up, it sounded like someone had come inside. I got up and moved over to the living room again, the front door was open and I heard footsteps on the stairs. I ran out the door and heaved myself over the railing, letting myself fall then forming a cushion of air on the bottom floor so I didn't hurt myself when I hit the ground. I was to late though, so I charged out the front door and looked both ways. Nothing, not even tracks in the snow, the door had been open though, so whoever it had been was probably gone. I closed the door behind me and moved back up the steps. 

As I went up I saw a pair of green eyes glittering behind a doorway. At first I thought it was Lucy, but then I realized there was no way she had gotten up and hidden behind that door in the time I was gone. I carefully moved as if I hadn't noticed the intruder until I was right by the door. When I reached the door I quickly opened it and snatched the intruder by his collar. He struggled and kicked, "Hey let go! Let go!" he cried as I pulled him into a headlock. He eventually stopped struggling. "You gunna let me go now?" he asked. 

I carefully let him go, and he straightened up, brushing himself off. "Thank you."

I took a long look at him, he had green eyes, red hair...he looked like a male version of Lucy! Except that he was about my height..."A-are you Tommy?" I asked. 

The boy nodded, "Yeah, I'm Tommy," he replied.

My heart leapt inside my chest. "Lucy will be so happy to see you! Come on!" I said excitedly as I pulled him up the steps and into Lucy's apartment. 

The End

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