Mary.. The Little Lamb.

I've been meaning to do something with this idea I had a little while ago. It's definitely not meant to offend anyone in any way, but rather play with the concept


Marilyn Josef.

Role (major/minor, pro/antagonist, etc.):

Major protagonist.

Physical Appearance:

Marilyn has a heart-shaped face. Her eyes are almond-shaped and pale blue. Her skin is creamy, her cheeks slightly pink. She doesn't wear much make-up every day. Her hair is light brown. It is fine and straight and cut just above her shoulders. Some long bangs frame her face. Marilyn is quite slim, and is of average height for a seventeen-year-old. She dresses simply, usually just jeans or a simple skirt and a t-shirt.

Background (upbringing / adulthood):

Marilyn's home life has had no problems throughout her childhood. However she has experienced bullying all through her school life. She has been brought up as a Catholic, but since her early teens hasn't had much interest in religion, except in tough times.  Her faith as a child was very often the cause of her bullying problem. She isn't conscious of her decision to rule out religion. Her life has been smooth enough between ages 14 and 17.

Personality attributes:

Marilyn is generous and intelligent. She is shy, mostly around new or intimidating people. She is good at listening to others, and usually gives good advice.  She is a little weak in spirit, and finds it hard to keep at something if it brings a lot of hardship. She tends to be a bit of a procrastinator. She overlooks problems and wonders what can be done about them, but doesn't often intervene or act on any strong feelings.



While Marilyn tends to be shy and hold back, when she does speak she does it with unusual confidence, giving honest opinions and views. She is poetic, and it shows in how she chooses her words. If she is talking about somethng that interests her, she may even break into a spontaneous speech. While she is confident in language, she is meek in tone and body language.


Perception of self:

She knows she can be weak, and it makes her despise herself. She wishes she could be more like her friends and stand up for something for once. There is something in her that prevents her from taking control of her life, but she can't work out what it is, or learn to overcome it.


Conflicts :

Marilyn is constantly worried about the girls who used to harrass her as a child; she is always so careful not to give them any fuel. As the plot develops, she grows more concerned about the strange things that are happening to her, and more desperate to hide them from her family and those around her.


Habits and Mannerisms:

Marilyn tenses her shoulders and lowers her head in certain social situations, such as meeting a new person, talking to someone superior to her, being faced with an uncomfortable or surprising question. She keeps her arms close to her torso when she is idol, as she is a private, closed-up girl.


Strengths / Weaknesses:

The End

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