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My lips, eyes, and face were being bombarded by my talented make-up crew. My long black hair was being curled to perfection only to have curly hot pink and neon orange extensions jammed into it. I already had on my outfit; a lime green tank top, bright purple shorts, and black knee high Converse that were splashed with random fluorescent paint colors. I wasn't worried about anything going wrong with the shoot. My team was flawless and nothing was ever out of place and I loved them all dearly.

"Ready, darling?" my gay best friend/stylist, Davie, asked with a giddy expression. He had a comb in one hand, a curling iron in the other. Adorable.

Nodding, I was spun around and grinned at what I saw.

My skin was naturally pale so minimal powder was needed but they put on something that made it glow faintly. Electric green and sky blue swept across my eyelids reminding me of a clear summer day. They blended together to make my icy blue eyes even more noticeable but the black eyeliner on the bottom of my eye helped too. Parted lips were glossed to a shiny pink.

I threw my arms around Davie's neck, squeezing him gently, carefully. "I love you!" I told him. He pulled me away quickly.

"Shoot first, hugging and bowing down to me later!" Everyone laughed. "Besides we can't have you messing up our work, now can we?"

I grinned sheepishly. "M'kay."

Davie led me out to the set. I was rather excited about the shoot today. Why? All the scenes I had to do involved something sweet that I got to eat to my heart's content. Perfection.

"Akasha!" cried a pale man sucking on an orange lollipop.  The man had choppy black hair, the layers in the back standing on end. On him, it looked like a crown of inky ice shards. One eye was covered by black bangs that pointed down to two of the silver rings in his lips. His eyes, a lightning blue that shocked me with their innocence and youth, gazed at me happily. He was dressed in a white wife beater, torn up black jeans that were stuffed into scuffed black combat boots.

"Killian," I sighed, ecstatic that he was the guy I was working with. Killian was an amazing friend and he helped me get my first photo shoot when I first started modeling. I only wondered.... "What are you doing this time? Modeling with me or being the photographer?"

His grin widened to reveal his pearly whites. "Both."

Well that was new; Killian was always specific on what job he was doing and never had more than one at a time. Who was I to complain? I got my best friend to eat candy with me and take pictures of it. Just a normal day for us.

"Wait I thought you were going to Ireland with Taria?" I'd never met Killian's girlfriend but he seemed happy with her. Even though she treated him like crap.

Killian shook his head. "She broke up with me last week."

"Why didn't you tell me?" I gave him a playfully exasperated look. He shrugged in return.

"I wanted to surprise you. I know you didn't like her. Anyway, let's get working chica!" He clapped his hands then took one of mine in his strong, rough one to walk me over to the first set.

Hours later Killian clapped again from behind the camera that he had been occupying for quite some time. "All right everyone! Great job today! I think we've got it." He smiled brightly at me as I finished off the popsicle I'd been given for this particular set.

"You're so funny Akasha." As everyone started to pack up and leave, Killian came toward me. He loomed over me for a moment before suddenly picking up my small, light frame and taking my place in the bright red chair then settled me in his lap. This didn't happen often but it never affected us before. After his earlier confession, a tension had built between us that I didn't understand. Something deep within me felt that things were changing.

"See you later guys!" Davie said. He left then, and he was the last. Killian and I were alone now.

He opened his mouth to speak but I interrupted him before he could say anything.

"Do you wanna go out for drinks?"

Killian smirked. "How could I pass up that offer? Come on little missy." I thought he was going to put me on my feet. He didn't. Instead he carried me (ignoring my continuous protests) to his bike waiting outside the studio. He got on then plopped me on the back and shoved a black helmet on my head. If Davie saw, he would have been pissed and bitched about helmet hair. I couldn't wait to finally ride Killian's motorcycle. Sierra would probably have a heart attack if she saw me on one of these things. Wrapping my arms around his waist tightly, he revved the engine. I hugged the sleek black curves with my legs, ignoring the slight pain of the metal.

"Go to my place first!" I said over the purring motor. "I gotta change."

With a shake of his head, Killian sped off in the direction of my flat.


As soon as I was changed into a lime green zebra striped halter, skin tight black skinnies, and black ankle boots, my phone rang.

"Dammit," I muttered, seeing that it was my sister, Sierra. Going out to the living room, I mouthed a 'one sec' to Killian who was lounging on my purple couch. He smiled in understanding. Such a sweetie.

I touched the screen to my cell and held it against my ear. "Sierra?"

"Oh thank goodness!" Sierra breathed a sigh of relief.

"What's wrong?" Sierra sounded nervous, which wasn't unusual for her. In my opinion, my sister was naturally a small worry wort, but now...this sounded more....frantic.

"I think someone knows."

That was all she had to say. I walked back into my room so Killian wouldn't overhear. This wasn't a conversation meant for human ears.

"What happened?" I asked.

"After my show I got a call from an unknown number. A man was on the other end and he said 'your time is up little fairy.'"

I gasped when she told me this; nothing like this had happened to us before for as long as we'd been here. Earth was meant to be a safe place for us. A new home without the restrictions of our past.

"No...." I whispered.

"Akasha?" Killian appeared before me with a worried expression on his gorgeous face. Please tell me he didn't hear anything. "What's wrong?" Oh thank goodness....

"Sis?" Sierra said, turning my attention back to her. "Who's that?"

"A friend of mine," I answered vaguely. "Listen I gotta go. Thanks for telling me."

"Alright. Just be careful, okay? I love you."

"'Kay. Love you too." Quickly ending the call I turned to Killian who waited patiently before me. "Sorry about that. Family issues."

"You never tell me about your family," Killian said curiously.

"I have three amazing sisters. That's really all you need to know." I couldn't tell him. He couldn't know about my origins and past life. It wasn't how things were meant to be for humans. "Let's just go, okay?"

Killian got the hint and dropped the subject. "After you, my lady."

I rolled my eyes at him. "Dork."

In minutes we were on Killian's bike again, speeding toward one of our favorite clubs, Chaos. I couldn't wait to lose myself in the music, dancing, energy. I thrived off of them. To make things better, I was spending that time with my now single hot best friend. But my sisters words still shook me to my core, nestling down somewhere in my body, causing worry and a little bit of fear to bloom.

Our safe haven was being ripped away from us. Someone knew who we were and they were probably on the hunt.

The End

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