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"OK kids, cut." Our director, Henri, got up out of his chair and ran his hands through his hair. "That was brilliant Calia, I could really sense your emotions spilling through to Georgia, and Jacques, really, you could cry just a little bit, I mean, she's just told you how she killed your brother for Pete's sake!"

"I'll squeeze 'em out later man. Got to head to my real bro's engagement party." Jacques pulled off his shirt for the scene and chucked it at a passing intern who shot a scowl at him.

"Fine - I guess that'll be it for the day, we'll get the editing team to look through the scenes done so far and see what needs doing. Go get some beauty rest people, tomorrow will be a big day!" Henri picked up his 'man-bag' and slipped it over his shoulder.

"So what scenes are we doing tomorrow Henri?"

"Glad you asked sugar-plum, you may want to make sure you moisturize extra well tonight, we're going to do the scene when you actually kill Brad and in your frustration at the blood you rip of your shirt and throttle him. So just make sure your skin is camera and fake blood proof. OK?" He put his hand on my shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

"I thought we did that scene when we started shooting - what was wrong with it?"

"Oh, the usual, something fuzzed up the lenses, one of the shots was out of focus, something the editing guys didn't like."

"I guess I'll up the pampering tonight then."

"Atta girl!" He released my shoulder and left the studio.

I retired to my dressing room and wiped off the most of the make-up they had caked me in. I quickly pulled off Georgia's outfit and slipped into a black cotton tee, my usual ripped Diesel jeans and a jacket I'd picked up at a flea market. I walked out the studio via the back door and jumped into my car, turned up a CD and started back to the hotel.

That was something I hated about filming; hotels, they weren't ever as nice as sleeping in your own bed, the food was never as good as something you could make yourself and you couldn't have a good conversation with anyone! It was hotel staff, other guests - no intelligent conversation, juts the same phatic talk you could get from standing in an elevator all day. It was a good thing the filming was supposed to be finished in a month.


As soon as I got into the suite the studio had rented out for me my phone started to ring. The land-line too...


"Calia, thank Christ you're in, I've tried to get hold of your mobile like seven times and you didn't pick up."

"Oh - thats because during filming we have to keep them on silent."

"Doesn't matter, I have you now. I need to talk about some weirdo that rang me about three hours ago now - just after my gig."

"What happened Sierra?"

"Oh nothing just someone saying - and I quote 'you time is up little fairy' - I'm freaking out."

"OK calm it down, have you rung the others yet?"

"Yeah, I've rung Nissa, and she said it was most probably a pet name from a stalker or something."

"Well, yeah, take it from her to not care too much. Most probably thinks it'd be a huge publicity stunt and get her the cover of Vogue again."

"How many times does she need it?"

"I don't know - anyway, we're steering off topic. Do you any idea who'd do this?"

"Well it could be some reporter or a more likely idea could be another fairy, an imp, pixie basically another person from the fairy world."

"Did they sound vaguely impish.. or pixie-ish?"

"Not any accent.. just like us. They could have lived on earth for ages."

"Then I'm not sure. Anyway - I have to get to the lobby, Jacques's brother is having an engagement party and there'll be millions of paparazzi there wanting my photo, as per usual - so I'm going to get ready, make sure I don't mess it up for them - because they'd just love that."

"OK, I'll try Akasha."

"I'll see you soon hopefully."

"Yeah, I'll see you soon. Kisses!"

"Kisses back." I put the phone back on the hook and went to get ready in the bathroom. i was soon out, glammed up and heading to the lobby.

The End

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