Nissa: Life in the SpotlightMature

I sat down nervously in the plush red chair, the one facing the windows that overlooked all of Los Angeles. They called it the city of angels when really they had no idea. They didnt know what was waiting out there. What terrors awaited in the shadows, ready to destroy all they'd ever known.

There was a wooden desk before me, and across it sat a woman with a dramatic jawline and hair pulled back into a bun. "Miss Fae," she greeted me stiffly. Scared, maybe. Now that the truth was out. "Thank you for joining us." 

"You didnt really leave me much choice, did you?" I replied coldly. The woman only shrugged.

"You know that everyone is dying to hear the story," she said instead. "I'm only thankful you chose to share it with us."

I sighed, uncomfortably pushed my hair away from my face. It was seldom I was ever uncomfortable. Few things made me feel out of place. "Well, then, let's get started."

She nodded vigorously, picked up a pen and clicked it open. "Well? Tell me everything. From the beginning."

The beginning... "I guess you could say it all started when..."


"Yes, beautiful, Nissa! More vacancy in your stare. You're there, but you dont really feel it!"

The photographer was shouting all sorts of commands at me, and I could only continue to shift my gaze and the position of my body. The flashbulb lit up a few dozen more times before he called it a wrap.

The warehouse had so easily been transformed to look like a Victorian parlor. People were bustling past with clothes and equipment, all yelling, all caught up in the frantic buzz of it all.

I pushed myself off the velvet couch with a casual shrug, because quite frankly I just didnt care. Nothing had ever come so easily to me. "I think this spread will be good," I said nonchalantly to the dark haired man beside me.

Adam gave me a sort of twisted smile. His shirt was open to reveal his tanned and muscled chest. Of all the men I'd worked with, he was by far my favorite. Mostly because of his quite composure and simple sense of humor. The curls of his black hair and toned body werent much to complain about either.

Adam slid out of his white button down and passed it to me. I shoved my arms into it, let it fall over my bare chest to give me a bit more decency. But I didnt bother buttoning it up. When your body was photographed for a living, it was hard to care much.

"We should go get some drinks," Adam offered. "Maybe go back to my place, if you want."

I had already started off towards my dressing room; I didnt turn back, only looked at him over my shoulder. "Maybe next time, Romeo. I've got a hot date."

"What?" Adam called out. There was pure astonishment in my voice. Everyone knew that Nissa Fae didnt date. "With who?'

"Wouldnt you like to know," I muttered, not particularly caring if he heard or not. In the back pocket of the tight black jeans they'd shoved me in, my phone was already vibrating. I knew who it would be long before I pulled it out.

"Sierra," I greeted my sister with a gentle tone. My usual edge was gone. "What's up."

"Uh, Nissa, we have a bit of a problem."

The End

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