"What's your name?" I asked, needing to know.

"Tony. Yours?"

"T-T- Tiffany," I replied.

He took my hand and kissed it. "Enchanté," he murmured.

"Yes you are," I breathed.

"Pardon?" he asked politely.

I blushed. "Oh, it's nothing."

"You can tell me: I won't laugh."

I looked into his eyes and as well as curiosity, there was deepest sincerity. I couldn't doubt those eyes.

"No you won't," I said, having realised this. "Um, well, I was thinking about how the word 'enchanté' probably means enchanted and you have a magical look about you." I blushed again, despite the fact the man wasn't laughing.

He surprised me by saying "Why, that's intriguing. You have a fascinating way of thinking."

"Really?" I asked, flattered.

The man nodded, smiling and making me feel weak inside.

"You're so lovely."

"Thank you. You seem to be quite kind yourself - your eyes are really open and that's so rare to see these days. You're also quite complimentary, saying I look magical."

"Seraphic would be a better word," I said impulsively.

The man beamed. "You're full of charm, aren't you?"

I sighed contentedly. "I must be greatly inspired."




You're a true wonder




Your spell I find

myself falling under

The End

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