The Beautiful BeginningMature

I was crossing the river Meander, which shone like sapphires in the midday sun, when I noticed a tall young man standing in the middle of the wide jade-studded bridge, looking out towards the Fantasian mountains. His hair was golden blond and shone like the tail of a comet in the sunshine, so bright that it seemed to cast a fuzzy orange glow around his hair like a halo. He was tall and strong-looking, with long legs and broad shoulders, but he looked so calm and relaxed that I just wanted to hug him like a teddy bear. That relaxed air was also attractive in another way: the man seemed to possess serenity and I wanted nothing more than to be enveloped in the tranquillity of his presence and his gaze. His gaze... His expression was so thoughtful that he could be nothing other than intelligent. He looked slightly analytical and I found myself wanting to be analysed. If those eyes could search my soul, then he could tell me what he thought of me and how to improve myself (so I could become as perfect as him). When I had achieved a more desirable personality, an irresistible heart and a stronger eagerness to please, I could be good enough for him to consider as a lover: as the princess of his heart.

I approached him, slowly at first, but then growing more confident as he showed no signs of turning away in disgust (an action that would surely break my heart and destroy my dreams).

He turned to face me and smiled at me, as if I was someone he would adore talking to. My heart leapt into my throat and raced as it stayed there.

"Afternoon," he said, in a low and extremely pleasant voice.

"H-hi," I stammered, breath-taken as I took in his final perfect feature.

The man had simply glorious eyes. Deep blue I would die to be submerged in and so warm that I felt like I was basking in the sun on the hottest day of the year. Intense almost to the point that they were almost hypnotic (and though they weren't mesmerising, I was captivated) and containing such wisdom, such feeling, that I felt like this man must surely be an angel.

His gaze did indeed search my soul - at least, that's what it felt like - and when his smile grew, my heart melted and I thought I was the luckiest girl in the universe. I was good enough for him!

"Oh yes you are," the man/angel said, and I wasn't surprised that he was a mind-reader because his silver, perfect aura was magical.

"Oh..." I whispered.


You see my heart, you hear my thoughts

I'm speechless

My breath is still, caught in my throat


I can't believe my luck today


I adore,

you wondrous being,

Your effect on me

I don't even know

The nature of

your personality.

The End

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