Light and Love Always Overcome DarknessMature

I slowly crawled away from Desmious. To my surprise, he even allowed me to bring myself to a standing position, all the while staring at me with those evil, knowing eyes. The great dark depths of those black holes made me feel helpless - like I was just a slave to his cause, a playing piece in his game - a game he knew he was going to win. There was empty silence as he balanced Tiffany's delicate soul just above his palm, glowing angrily.

"What is your goal in all this?" I murmured, after a long expanse of quiet.

"My goal?" he laughed, the insideous chuckle of a snake. "Oh, Anthony, you and all your kind are so ignorant. You think everyone and everything in this world - in this universe - will just hold hands and heal all the wounds, spread light and this thing you call love? Look what love has brought you. Pain, agony..., " Desmious grinned, sly curl of the lip.  " ... darkness. In a way, I have to thank you, Anthony."


 "I am grateful to you, your poor big sissy..." He tossed the orb carelessly from hand to hand. "...your poor little Tiffany. I can't help but feel a little sorry though...,"  He curled his fingers around my Tiffany's soul. "She was a pretty one."

Just then, there was a searing light, a blinding flash, wind that hurled me off of my feet. I grabbed tightly for the ground, heard wild screaming. I squinted through the violent gusts, the golden beams of light, and for that moment, all feel quiet, and the world slowed down.

I stood, filled with renewed strength. The wind still blew, but it blew by me, an insignifcant breeze. Stepping forward, I could see Desmious, gripping the orb, radiating fiercly in his face, with both hands, face contorted with agony, an unheard shriek. It was the most curious sight - I had never seen anything like it.

It was my opportunity.

In one blow, I knocked the orb from his hands, and in one blow, the world sped up tenfold. I could barely comprehend what was happening as the flash, the wind, the noise died, the spirit floated, idle amoung the chaos, towards the open windows. I chased it, pressing against time, arms open. Desmious grabbed for my legs desperately, bringing me to my knees. We struggled against one another - he was grabbing for me with injured hands, smearing his own blood on my neck as he grappled for it.

Panting, I kicked at him, but he was fierce in his resistance. Panicking, I glanced at Tiffany's soul, gently floating away...away... to where I did not know. In one thrust, I pushed him off of me and slipped from his grasp. 

Yet he was too quick, and too smart, and so he came at me again.  I whipped around, taking him, putting my hands to his head, and smashing it against the nearest wall.

Suddenly, I felt very dizzy, swarmed with a pain blaring in my head like an alarm, losing feeling in my limbs, swimming in a world of mussed colors as if my own head had been crushed in.

"You fool. You insideous fool. Thinking you can diverge from my plan, break the rules of my game. No. Desmious will get what he wants. I will get what I have worked for for so, so long.....I will win."

I was looking into the great bloody maw of a giant inky snake, stringing its slimey body around and around me. The evil words, Desmious' voice, was coming from the fiery pit of its red eyes, holding my own in its prison of hellish flame....

No, no, you haven't. You have lost. Lost by your own stupidity.

No, not even that. You were bound to lose. Because Light and Love always overcomes Darkness...

There was insane howling, all around me swirling into shadow, the snake diminishing into nothingness....

I was surrounded by stars, falling through the sky, falling from the tower's perch, Tiffany's soul just before my fingertips ... Was it reality? I was unable to determine in the confusion, the blur of events .... it did not matter....I snatched it from the sky and held it to my heart ....

The End

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