At one point during that frightening, long night, Tiffany stirred on the couch. Her eyes fluttered open briefly.

"Tiffany!" I exclaimed, my heart pounding with the excitement that her soul might be returned to her, that Andrion and Anthony had succeeded in their mission. "Tiffany, can you hear me?"

But she did not respond. Nor did she blink. It was as if she was in a trance.

"Anthony," she murmured, a smile spreading across her face.

"Tiffany?" I asked, again.

Again, she didn't respond.

Tiffany sighed contentedly, and closed her eyes.

"No!" I cried, anguished. "Tiffany, come back!"

I tried to wake her up, shaking her shoulders gently, mopping her brow once more. But she did not wake up. Nor did she stir again.


A little later, I was dozing, half asleep in an armchair close to Tiffany. I had done all I could for her. Now it was up to her lover and to mine.

A light breeze ruffled the air. I opened my eyes slowly, the cool air waking me up slightly as it touched my face.

That was strange. I didn't remember having left any windows open.

Curious and a little too sleepy to be worried, I wandered around the apartment in search for what had let in the outside air. I found a single window open in the kitchen, wide enough for a grown man to step inside. I closed it, though the action felt unreal, like I was dreaming.

I returned to the living room, sat down in the armchair and closed my eyes again.

Quiet footsteps alerted me that someone was in the house.

My eyes flew open and I found myself face to face with Matthias.

"Hello, Alissa," he said, in a soft voice that somehow contained enough malice to make my heart start pounding in my chest.

I didn't like the expression on his face, the look in his eyes. There was only one word to describe both things. Vengeful.

The End

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