Something, briefly, interrupted the pain. For a second, I stopped falling through eternal night.

Mist. Curious mist, opaque like I had suddenly been transported to the interior of a cloud.

And suddenly, it cleared ... to reveal TONY.

When our fingers touched, my world exploded with light. Warmth rushed through me, accompanied by the strong sense of rightness. So much had been wrong while we had been apart. The touch was like the blaze of a thousand flames, the roar of a thousand oceans, the ripple of a thousand winds and the violent shaking of the earth. Yet far from alarming, it was the most amazing experience. After what seemed like eons of pain and blackness and despair, this was relief, and light, and happiness. I felt uplifted, carefree as the moment suddenly called to my mind every second I had ever shared with Tony. I was floating, I was flying, this was blissful. Euphoria took over agony as the ruler of this realm, and I was happy to serve her: such a generous queen as she was.

But then, he was pulled away, by some strange terrible force. I cried out his name but he couldn't hear me, and the agony returned and I was writhing, trying to break free to return to him, my love, my beautiful Tony... It didn't work. I was stuck. Trapped once more in the depths of the vacant, lonely spaces in between each star: falling forever into a black hole, that tore at me without ever killing me.

A distant vision entered my broken mind. Desmious standing opposite Tony, an evil look on his evil face.

The End

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