Slipping AwayMature

I murmured to her gently, desperately pleading for her to return to me. If only my words could reunite us as we were meant to be.

She was slipping away, drifting further and further. If I could not feel it, I could see it plainly. "She's not doing so well," muttered Andrion grimly - he could see it too.

I nodded firmly, standing. A sudden wave of exhaustion wrapped me in a dizzy haze; there was a piece of me missing, a hole in my soul, and I was weaker than I could ever anticipate. I wobbled on my feet, my knees feeling like liquid...

 "Shall I show you?" I stepped forward. She tensed, her thoughts quickening in pace as I closed the gap between us. Tiffany nodded, her enthusiatic, anxious thoughts prodding me on and nearly shouting with excitement in my own mind.  Cautiously, I leaned over, kissing her gently on the lips as images of the strange place in which I came streamed from my mind to hers as our minds connected so that I may show her. I lost my concentration, unprepared for a tornado of her emotions, thoughts bombarded me in full. Her passion, her burning desire mixed with mine, intensifying ten-fold. My kiss had become everything that she dreamed of, I became everything she wanted, as it felt as we melded into one. Alarm coursed through me, though the warmth of her own soul and mind was more pleasurable than anything I had ever felt before, the closeness, the interweaving of them was dangerous. The image had already slipped from my mind, and our crazed feelings were colliding in the most treacherous  fashion. The tendrils of her golden soul were beginning to infringe into mine, reaching for it. She wasn't holding back anything whatsoever, clawing deeper and deeper into me.

"....Anthony," the voices of Andrion and Alissa pulled me from the haze of memories past, sweet golden morsels of what seemed so long ago...curious, it seemed so real. The two were holding at my arms, supporting me.

I trembled as it seemed the last tendrils of the memory let go of me - a strange feeling. "Tony?" Alissa murmured as I shook the last of the cobwebs from my mind.

"I'm fine," I grumbled, gently removing myself from their grasp. I looked to Tiffany, and, for the briefest of moments, I wondered if I glimpsed the color of a rosy blush in her paled cheeks, a lively flicker of her lashes. Yet, in a blink, any such signs had disappeared so fast I wondered if it was my own imagination. Her face contorted in an expression of pain, the pallid color of her skin and the sunken state of her eyes making her look devoid of life.

"We must move now," I straightened, strengthened by the firmness of my determination. "Time is slipping away...Tiffany does not have much more time...we do not have much more time....," I faded away for a moment, my mind wandering onto the haunting memories again.

"But...we don't really have a plan," Andrion said, always sensible, always logical. "We could risk everything with one careless mistake."

I clenched my jaw, a burning frustration, a growing desperation searing at my heart. "And if we don't move now we could risk everything."

There was silence. I refused to look away from him, forcing him to stare into my eyes. Alissa looked at Andrion; quiet, waiting.

He swallowed, taking a deep breath before speaking. There was a flicker of hestitation, of...fear? his eyes, but he nodded shortly, resolutely. "Alright. We move tonight."

The End

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