Watching and WaitingMature

They moved with my plan, their plan moved with mine. It was harmonizing to perfection. I of all people, Desmious, couldn't have dreamed it better.

Alezae, by now, was eating out of the palm of my hand. I couldn't help feel slightly sorry for, her, but that was the name of the game. So gullable; I had broken that tight little facade of hers and made her believe, twisted her mind so that it fitted flawlessly into my plans. She trusted me, she trusted every word I said. It was only a bonus that she was beautiful and helplessly imprisoned by my will, even without her knowing it. Andrion was so dum, breaking her heart as he did and leaving it for me to "mend".

And that group of insolent little rascals, thinking that they could out-smart me. Of course, they had no knowledge of me, which was the best part. That unknowing, stupid girl had only helped me when she broke her connection with that Matthias. I did not expect it, but he was another fitting puzzle piece. A vengeful lover could have a poisonous bite, and it would surely come back to bite her. All of them. the best of all, I could use that Matthias and then dispose of him when I needed him no longer.

They were stepping right into my trap, and it would snap on them at the perfect time. Soon, everything would be mine. All I would have to do was wait. Watch and wait.

It was almost too easy.

I returned to the palace where I would meet Alezae and gather forces to meet them when they came to retrieve the bits of Anthony and Tiffany's souls. I knew exactly where they were, and where they were going. I had this little pathetic rebellion right where I wanted them.

The End

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