It was so heartwarming to see my Andrion lend some of his soul to Tony. It was just the sort of thing he would do, being so selfish as he was. I was slightly worried when he refused to take any of mine but I knew it was because he cared so much about me. I was proud to be his girlfriend as Tony recovered fully and said "Let us rescue Tiffany!" and kissed him to give him a kind of strength before the ordeal with Alezae that would surely take place shortly.

We teleported ourselves to Tiffany's cell.

Anthony's cry of anguish at the sight of motionless, barely breathing Tiffany struck a chord deep within me. He picked up her limp body and held it close to him, sobbing into it. He kissed her but she did not respond: she barely even stirred. Yet I could tell all hope was not lost yet by the slight rise and fall of her chest.

Andrion and I went outside and caught the guards by surprise. We linked minds and sent a telepathic message to the guards strong enough to stun them. We all then returned to Andrion's apartment,where we would make our next plan: the important, dangerous plan to rescue Tiffany's soul and Tony's powers from the evil woman who did not deserve to be any relative of Tony.

As Tony laid Tiffany on the sofa, I took Andrion aside and kissed him.

"You are so brave," I told him, moving the hair off his brow.

He smiled. He looked so weak. I took him into his bedroom. "Rest awhile. I shall brew you some tea so that your energy will be restored."

I went into his kitchen and made tea with herbs for strength and honey for relaxation.

When I brought Andrion the mug, Tony was in the room, talking urgently to him. It was clear he was desperate to revive Tiffany as quickly as possible. I gave Andrion his tea and then returned to Tiffany, to attend to the poor child Alezae had so cruelly punished for merely being in love.

She looked peaceful. Too peaceful. I fetched a flannel from one of Andrion's cupboards and water from the tap, and began to mop her brow.

"There, there, Tiffany," I soothed. "Everything's going to be okay."

I hoped it would.

The End

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