Taking ActionMature

"Careful, now, Love," I murmured, kissing her gently as I held her hands. I swallowed, trying not to show my anxiety. "If anything happens to me, you'll need to help Tony get to Tiffany."

"Shh," she put her finger on my lips. "Nothing of the sort will happen."

"It is possible," I muttered, grave. "And we must be prepared."

"Don't think about that right now," she half smiled, leaning up to briefly brush her lips over mine. With that, she stood from her position, turning to move toward her two targets--the guards.

"Alissa!" I snatched her hand, making her turn her eyes back to me. "If you are in danger, above all, I desire you to run. I love you."

"I will do what I can," she frowned. Her eyes became deeply melancholy. "I love you too."

With that, she walked away. It seemed to wrench my gut out to watch her go. Now I thought this whole thing was a horrible idea. Using her as bait! Those guards could hurt her! Despite the pain in my heart, I could not help but make a smile as she so skillfully flirted with them, successfully guided them away. My lovely girl.

I stared at them departing until they were out of sight, a great pit in my stomach. Still I felt the warm connection of our souls, like holding hands, could feel the slight throb of her emotion and her presence even though she was farther away, and it reassured me.

Down to business, now.

"Tony," I called to him, instantly coming before him as he lay upon the cold floor of his prison cell. He fluttered his eyes open, yet he did not open them, as if he did not hear me in the first place and woke upon his own accord.

"Tony," I murmured, coming to his side. He met my eyes slowly. "We are going to get you out of here, Tony."

"The guards...?" he whispered, his voice hoarse as if half gone.

"Don't worry, Alissa has them handled."

"Alissa....what--why...?" Tony furrowed his brow.

"I'll explain later," I answered hurriedly. "But we have not a moment to spare." I reached for his hand.  "We have to leave and get you to Tiffany."

Determination hardened his expression, and his resolve. Using my hand as support, he pulled himself to a sitting postion. His eyes seem to blank for a moment as he wobbled weakly in my grasp, as if suddenly dizzied and about to collapse. "C'mon, Tony. I have you. Think about Tiffany."  I urged, taking a tighter hold on him.

"I-I-I-can't...she's dying...she's gone...she's leaving!" he cried out, though his voice was barely a breath. A tear dribbled down his cheek.

"Don't give up!" I yelled roughly, frustrated. I closed my eyes. "Here..."

I felt some of my energy, my strength, a piece of my soul drain from my body, moving from my hand into Anthony's own fingertips. My vision blurred and head spun for a moment, my limbs throbbing. 

"I can't give up!" his voice was stronger and he began to help himself up more on his own will. Still, he was very fragile and leaned on me incredibly. My knees shook as I helped him to his own feet, barely able to hold my own body weight now that Anthony was laying almost all of his on me.

Andrion! Alissa's voice pierced through my mind.  Take some of me, now!

No! You need it. I am fine! I gritted my teeth, half blocking Alissa from me. "Let's go, Tony." I said, almost trying to bolster myself as well.

The End

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