Plan of ActionMature

"It is time," Andrion announced as he entered his apartment.

I stood up. "I see," I said gravely. "What are we going to do?"

Andrion frowned. "I do not know. But we must do something. Tony is dying and I fear the deterioration of his condition is my fault."

"Oh no, you mustn't blame yourself," I told him, walking over and hugging him.

He kissed my cheek but then gently pushed me away. "We must plan, Alissa. Tony is the most important thing now."

We walked to the sofa together and sat down. I began to ponder. In a few minutes, I had an idea.

"I could keep the guards occupied while you take him out of the tower. If you can teleport in, you can teleport back out."

"They know when someone's inside. They check after every visit."

"Hm... If I kept them occupied by leading them somewhere else..."

"How would you do that, Alissa?" Andrion looked at me quizzically.

I winked. "I'd convince them I was in love with them."

Andrion laughed. "Alissa, you cheeky girl."

"If I made myself look extra-beautiful and ..."

"You wouldn't need to do anything," Andrion interrupted. "You're perfect just the way you are."

"Thanks," I murmured, averting my gaze.

He lifted my chin and kissed me.

"So once we've rescued Tony, we can take him to Tiffany's cell," Andrion said. "Hopefully that will help her condition. And then the four of us can plan how to take down Alezae."

I nodded. "That sounds like a good plan."

Andrion sighed. "I can only hope it works. I fear Tony has not much time. We'll go this evening. Perhaps it will help your part of the plan if the guards are tired."

"Then rest till then," I told Andrion. "You are worn out by your distress. I wouldn't want you to become ill."

Andrion smiled and kissed me. "Thank you, Alissa. I am so glad we're together again."

"Me too."

The End

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