It Is TimeMature

"Where have you been, Andrion?"

 I gazed down into my friend's eyes, shallow and dim. If the gentle rise and fall of his chest did not tell me he was alive, I would have otherwise believed him dead.

Guilt washed over me, his faded, rasping voice striking sympathy at my heart. I choked on my own words, I could not get an excuse from my throat, or explain what had really happened.

"Time is slipping away from us, Andrion. Tiffany...she's losing hope. She's losing herself. She's....dying...and so am I," Anthony murmured.

"Tony, I...," I took a hold of his hand, grasping it tightly in my own. Tears tugged at my eyes, threatening to spill over. No! This wasn't right! It wasn't happening! "Tony, you can't be..."

"We can't daddle any longer," Iron resolve entered his expression, gripping at my fingers. "We must make our move...before it is too late!

"It is time." The heaviness of his words beat down on me. The intensity of the situation was placed in full perspective.  It was like we were heading straight into a great battle.

I swallowed. A battle for Tony and Tiffany; a battle for Dark and Light, Love and Hate, the Balance of all.  A battle for the universe.  

It is time.  

The End

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