Alezae grimaced as she watched the two orbs continually circle one another. Her only satisfaction was that they continued to do so in vain.

She was brought from her thoughts as Desmious entered the room in his sweeping motion, his tall, dark form capturing her attention. She stood as he made his declaration, the announcement of the betrayal of Andrion toward her. She drew a blank, the words sounded hollow inside her head, shock resonating, rippling through her entire being. Her knees went weak; she felt like she was to collapse, she felt empty. So empty that tears could not be brought to her eyes, sadness to her expression.

Yet then he moved forward, taking her tightly about the waist. She stiffened, each of her muscles tensing beneath his grasp, under his cool touch. "I am sorry for what Andrion has done to you, Alezae. He has proven himself not only a traitor to your name, but to your heart. He is a disgrace and it pains me to see how he hurt you," he whispered cunningly, his face so close to hers so that his breath played across her skin and made it crawl. Her eyes flickered here and there, like that of an alarmed, innocent animal attempting to escape from its predator. He reached up and tenderly caressed her cheek, forcing her to stare deep into his shadowy, hypnotic eyes and remain there, frozen. She was enchanted, spell-bound, trapped.

He came even farther and put his lips upon hers--in all her despair she kissed him in return. He was the rescue he offered as she was lost, the door in a place with no escape, her support as she went weak. The gesture allowed her to release the emotion which had been caught in her all along in a great, senseless explosion. She kissed him passionately, pouring all her feverish, burning feeling into it.

He pulled briefly away, as if leaving her hanging on his lips, leaving her wanting, yearning, longing. She was helpless. She was helplessly his.

"I am at your service, Alezae," Desmious murmured, holding her eyes still.

He hid his smile as she leaned up to continue kissing.

No, she is at my service.

The End

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