Forever YoursMature

"You are truly mine now,"

All of me was filled with the warmth and simple amazement of her general self, with the joy in which our connection produced. The sensations of emotion which passed between us made me feel inexplicable bliss; made me forget my agony as I had watched her all night in pain, pain which I felt I had inflicted upon her.

It made me realize how empty I once was, as if I had been forever sheltered from the gentle heat of the sun's beautiful fingers, as if eternal winter had been cast over me. Now I realized how much I missed the sun's warm, beautiful face, her sunshine, the wonder of newborn Spring, the wonder of refreshened love. Alissa had become my sunshine, which had been stolen from me, briefly blind and convinced in the darkness that I did not miss her brilliant rays which so filled me with sweet joy like thick honey in my whole being.

I didn't have to say how much I loved her; she could know now. Had I done the right thing? It had to be right--it felt so right. We, our souls, fit together like puzzle pieces met for one another since the beginning.

Forever I desired just to be here with her, to bask in the unconditional flow of love in which poured freely into one another. She held my gaze with those eyes, those eyes filled with a certain light which poured into me.

I was hers. I had always been hers, even though I tried to convince myself otherwise.

I was a glass half empty. And now I was full. I felt...healed in my own respect.

"I....missed you so much, Alissa," I murmured, my voice weak but so emotional, such feeling upon the words. I didn't have to say anything, but I felt a certain longing to voice my thoughts.

Gently. she moved toward me, putting her beautiful, delicate arms around me. I took her into my embrace, holding her close and tender, hiding my face in her sweetly smelling hair, so smooth and soft. Our souls continued to mesh, a certain spark at our physical intimacy. I stroked her back, I stroked her hair--we exchanged our wordless love.

I am Forever yours.

The End

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