The Broken Soul of One Deceived by DestinyMature

I felt it the instant Alissa and Andrion's souls started floating towards each other on the astral plane. What? What was happening?

I tried desperately to pull Alissa's soul away but she resisted me.

What was she doing? She was my destiny.

The touch of Andrion's soul made me double up in pain. I collapsed on the floor of my bedroom where I had been standing at the window in silent contemplation.

How could she be allowing this to happen?!

Alissa's soul melted and with a cry of despair, I realised the bonds between it and my own soul were breaking.

Breaking. Shattering. Spintering.

Tearing. Ripping. Hurting.

I blacked out at exactly the same moments as Alissa, my pain mirroring hers. But she was ignoring it. She was doing nothing to prevent it, seeming to welcome the agony.

It was such a selfish thing to do. So selfish that I couldn't believe it of my sweet, tender, gentle Alissa.

Had I been a terrible soul mate? Had I failed to meet the expectations of her destiny? It may be ridiculous to think I could be blaming myself when she was the one being spiteful and horrid, but I couldn't believe that Alissa would do a thing like this without good reason.

Had I failed Alissa?

If I had, I had failed my life's purpose.

One little strand left.

Andrion carelessy broke it with the ease of a man lifting a feather.

I screamed as agony rocketed through me. Every single one of my nerve endings exploded and I wished to die.

I screamed and yelled as I writhed and convulsed. But no one could hear me. The only one who had loved me, who had understood me, who had appreciated me in the way only a true soul mate could, had deserted me.

"Alissa," I sobbed loudly. "What have you done? What did I do to deserve this? WHY?!"

But she couldn't hear me. The link - that glorious, wonderful, delightful, amazing, lover's link - had been broken.

And Alissa didn't care anymore.

Maybe she never had.


I awoke after fainting filled with a cold, hollow feeling. Bitter resentment rushed into the hole in my essence and I was suddenly angry and hateful.

Alissa didn't care.

Well then, neither did I.

I stood up and made my way to the local tavern, the place notorious for being the headquarters of the leagues of the criminal underworld.

I marched in to the dimly lit, overcrowded place and shouted "I want revenge for my soul mate's abandonment of me. She has been causing trouble with Andrion and I want to inform Alezae! Is there any man willing to help me?"

And suddenly a man was standing beside me. I jumped. I had not seen him approach. He wore a black cloak that covered him from shoulder to toe. His hair was limp and black, and his eyes were a dark colour I could not discern with pupils like empty holes which totally lacked emotion.

"Alezae, you say?" he whispered in a chilling voice like a snake's.

I shivered involuntarily. "Yes. But the people I want to suffer are Alissa Ophelia and Andrion Ophania."

"We can maybe ... help each other. I'll tell Alezae of Andrion's and Alissa's wrongdoings, and deal with my own problems with her, and then we'll both be satisfied."

"Yes, that sounds like a good plan. My name's Matthias. You are...?"

"Desmious. Pleasure to do business with you."


We sat in a corner of the room and I began to talk.

"So Alissa was my soul mate and she deserted me for Andrion. Andrion has been involved in plots to try and free two of Alezae's prisoners, one of which is a human. He got Alissa to aid him too. I hope you can use that in our plot."

"It is rather helpful. I shall collect evidence of Andrion and Alissa's affair and show it to Alezae, and I shall ... as the humans say ... drop them in it. If you're interested, I'm going to hurt Alezae's heart. She is said to feel something for this Andrion character - what a coincidence he has wronged you. When she is weak, I shall overthrow her and this land need never bow down to that power-crazy control freak again."

I shrugged. "I just want to hurt Alissa."

"I'm sure being separated from Andrion will do that. Do you agree to this?"

He held out a pale, icy hand.

I nodded. "Yes."

I took it and shook it firmly.

Desmious smiled. "You shall have your revenge, Matthias. I can promise you that it is very, very sweet."

The End

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