I was immersed in him again. Oh, how I'd missed him. His touch was perfect, his mind was incredible and his intensity... If he could sweep me off my feet with a look or a word, he could push me off the edge of a cliff with his kiss.

Our hearts pounded in unison, our feelings soared as one and everything was bliss.

But it was wrong. It was oh so wrong.

His soul reached for mine across those beautiful astral planes and as it begged mine to connect with it, I felt Matthias' try and pull it away in despair.

I didn't care that it was wrong.

I resisted the tug of my destiny and tried harder to find my way back into Andrion's life: the gap at his side. I longed for him so much that real tears flooded my cheeks.

Andrion's soul didn't care that it was wrong either.

Tendrils of it snaked towards me and I luxuriated in the sensation. My soul melted and the bonds between it and Matthias's soul began to loosen.

It hurt. Oh, did it hurt. I blacked out several times during the kiss, only to awaken to searing agony. But Andrion was reclaiming his territory and I was happy to oblige him.

There was one little strand connecting my soul to Matthias's and somehow, I knew that the breaking of this one would hurt the most.

Andrion, amazing, perfect Andrion, reached for the strand. And lightly, as if he were cutting through paper with scissors, snapped it. My entire being exploded into a firework display of agony. The splintering halves of the strand were the deafening sounds and the snapping back of each part to its own soul like elastic pulled too far was the blinding bright light, and it was torture.

I fell backwards on the floor, moaning as my blood rocked to sky-high temperatures a human couldn't bear, gasping for breath as my heart felt like it was ripping and lashing out to punch the sofa as my soul screamed.

"Alissa," Andrion was saying desperately. "My love."

He tried to kiss me but the wound was too tender for his soul to even wrap around it in comfort. I pushed him away and rolled over onto my front, sobbing.


He stroked my back but the path of his fingers left a stream of fire.

Andrion felt my skin, the touch brief this time. "You're burning up!"

He jumped up and ran to the kitchen. I didn't see how he'd be able to quell the metaphorical tongues of flame which licked up my spine in the wrong direction opposing the thrilling chills that had run down it earlier.

I felt wrong. Tingling with static electricity but in the most unpleasant way. All thoughts drowned out by the horrific sound the orchestra of my heart was playing on its broken strings and out-of-tune pianos. Black and purple spots dancing before my eyes.

I felt as if I were being cooked in an oven and then freezing in the coldest regions of Icetopia.

I screamed out loud when Andrion attempted to mop my neck with a cool flannel.

"What can I do?" he shouted, sounding frightened. "Tell me what I can do, Alissa!"

He could do nothing. But I couldn't communicate that to him.

All of a sudden, my vision was filled with blinding white light. It turned bloody crimson and for the final time that day, I blacked out.


I woke up, aching all over, on Andrion's bed.

"You were thrashing all night," he said, souding numb.

"Water," I rasped, my throat dry and parched. "I need water."

"Of course, love." He handed me a glass of water.

I sipped it down.

I gave him the glass back. I buried my head in my arm. My head felt like it was splitting.

"Our souls didn't connect properly yesterday," I murmured.

"Are you crazy? You almost died, Alissa. No way am I letting my soul anywhere near you again."

"You drew away?!" I shouted.

"I had to. I was killing you."

"That wasn't you!" I screamed. "You idiot!"

"Hush, Alissa. You're still incredibly weak."

"And that's why I need you. When our souls entwine, I can draw from some of your energy and that way, I'll heal." I tried to be patient but I was feeling inexplicably angry.

"Are you sure?" Andrion asked doubtfully.

"Shut up and help our souls to link."

My tone hurt him. I could tell that. But when we were one, he would feel how sorry I was. How I didn't mean to harm him.

"I'll do it by letting my life energy flow through your skin," he said in a subdued voice.

He touched the small of my back and let his hand rest there. Almost instantly, I felt a rush of energy flow into my body. It was like a magical healing stream. The 'water' strengthened and invigorated me, removing my pain and anger. Andrion gently took one of my hands in his free one and rubbed my palm, encouraging me to release my own spirit.

I was reluctant. Every part of me hurt and here Andrion was, trying to open up a channel which was blocked up by a hollow feeling.

"Alissa, please," Andrion said, sounding strained.

I grudgingly opened the tap. But the sensation was pleasant. My life energy trickled into Andrion and the two 'liquid's mixed, in the most glorious, enjoyable way. Andrion chuckled and I giggled as we shared each other's spirits.

"You ready?" Andrion asked.

"Yes," I replied.

Without letting go of my hand, he moved the hand at the small of my back to my temple, the fingers resting lightly upon it. I rolled onto my back and moved my own free hand up to touch his. Our life energy intensified at the four points of contact, which created something like the astral plane across which travelled our souls, ready to join together.

The moment of contact was delightful, exultant and ideal.

Andrion gazed into my eyes as we let go of one another and held each other's sides instead and said "You're truly mine now."

The End

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