Look After My HeartMature

Alissa shifted on the sofa where I had placed her. I stood with my back to the wall, my knees feeling weak. I couldn't trust myself to stand. All I could do was stare at her, with that same sense of longing, wanting, and that heavy gloom of reality.

She looked at me with her eyes--her most beautiful, amazing eyes--and I felt that I would collapse. It brought back memories of....."Remind you of anything?" I asked, my voice quivering.

"Oh yes," Alissa said in reply.

The first day. The day we had met. The day I had rescued her. The day she fainted and we kissed. The day we fell in love.

"What have I done?" she asked, her face struck with horror.

"What neither of us could resist doing," I answered. I was struck too, I was terrified. I hated myself for what I had let happen, but yet I wanted to kiss her, to hold her, to caress her soft skin.....

"So, the girl..."  began Alissa, her face pale and drawn.

"Doesn't matter," 

"Doesn't matter," she could only reply.

"That's right," I nodded,  simply staring at her as I began my approach. My emotions started to rage through me like a wildfire. There was no cooling them, no stopping them. I loved her. "All that matters is you."

"Me," she murmured.

I knelt before her. "You." I took her hand, clasping it between mine. I was struck silly with Love, my sanity had been replaced with Love, I could only think of Love..... "You have to do something."

"What?" Alissa whispered, dumbfounded, captivated as I was. I was helplessly madly in love with her; I could barely keep myself still, hold back from kissing those lips just before me.

"Look after my heart," I couldn't resist any longer, I couldn't contain my longing. I pressed my lips against hers--I kissed her. My blood was searing, my heart racing; she put her arms around my neck and pure joy coursed through me as she returned the kiss. I threw my own arms around her waist and pulled her close to me, holding her so tightly. I never wanted to let her go, never wanted to leave her again. I opened my full self to her, poured my full self onto her, and she to me. I was hers and only hers; I was incapable of being with anyone else. She melted in my arms, indescibable Love passing through our hearts and souls.

"I love you, Alissa," I breathed, pulling my lips from hers briefly. "I never stopped loving you."

"Andrion...," she drew closer to me, her eyes sparkling.

I traced my lips across hers. "Never leave me again....," I murmured. "Stay with me..."

She smiled, leaning in to resume our kiss. I ran my hands along her skin, our souls entwining in the most wonderful way.

Look after my heart, Alissa.

The End

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