Watchful EyesMature

"Alezae, may I request your audience?"

"Of course, Desmious. You are always welcome here."

He smiled, but it did not seem to reach his eyes. They were incredibly dark, melancholy almost, and always appeared as if they were somewhere else, thinking intensly. They had a certain hunger, a thirst in them which had once made Alezae uncomfortable when she was younger. They stood starkly against his grave, wane face yet seemed fitting for his tall, well-built figure and strangely midnight-colored wings at his back. Tony and Andrion had never liked him. Her mother had a certain liking to him for an unknown reason.  But all that did not matter now.

There was a heavy silence as Desmious held her gaze and bent himself in a graceful bow. She shifted uncomfortably, still holding his eyes with hers. As he straightened, she cleared her throat and went on, impatient, "What is the reason you have come to me, Desmious? Is something wrong?"

"I come with news,"  he said slowly, as if sensing her impatience and almost wishing to annoy her. "The first seeds of rebellion are sprouting."

He knew that would catch her attention; he knew that this, of all his actions, would earn him her trust, would count him as a loyalist and an insider. His expression remained, though inside he smirked to himself.

She frowned. "Continue."

"At the root of it is Andrion," Desmious went on. "He has begun to recruit his 'men' and has already visited the two prisoners several times already."

Alezae could not determine her emotions, a craze of thoughts eating away at her mind. Desmious could see it in her clearly. "Wh-who is he gathering?" Alezae managed to inquire.

Desmious could not help a smile. It appeared Alezae did not notice. "It is his former lover, firstly. It appears they have fallen together once more."

"What do you mean?" her voice wavered.

"It seems they have rekindled their past feelings,"  

Her sudden reaction, her bitter words, confirmed what Desmious had thought before, all the rumors he had heard; Alezae had certain feelings for Andrion. It would make his plan work all the better.  "How do you know! How can I tell you are telling me the truth?" Alezae said sharply.

He laughed lightly, taking an advancing step closer to her so she was only in arms reach, standing to his full height. "Why would I lie to you, Alezae?"

She did not answer, her emotions so incredibly strong that he could feel them. Distress, frustration, doubt....Still grinning, he waved his hand and in one broad swipe came a miniature of the alley scene came before their eyes. The two figures, Andrion and the girl, Alissa, audibly murmuring of Tony and Tiffany...with another motion, that scene faded and was replaced with one of a park....they were seated upon the ground, holding one another, so close, leaning in to brush lips....

Alezae reached up and tore at the scene, making it disappear. He smoothly turned to her, realizing with something of a shock that her eyes lined with tears, her expression broken and fuming with anger.  

"Are you alright, Alezae?" Desmious said gently, though a mocking, playful note could be decifered. Too caught in her wild feelings, she did not hear the edge in his voice.

"Thank you, Desmious, for your information and your warning," her words trembled, her gaze lingered in the distance, as if she was not there. "I must think for a while. Consquences, inevitably, will be placed on those who rebel, but our next move....should be well planned."

Desmious took another step closer to her, so close as to make Alezae stiffen and look up into his eyes. He knew he had her, and he kept his voice strong and firm, "Alezae, I will do anything to help you in this. These rebels will be stopped, and I will devote myself to any cause which you would see fit in doing so." He paused and leaned in slightly closer, murmuring, "I am on your side."

She stared into his face, her own expression softened, her eyes shattered, a stray tear slid down her cheek, her own strong, determined, cool facade broken. For a moment, Desmious felt a pang of pity, a certain true sympathy for her.  "Thank you," she whispered gratefully. His last words meant so much to her when everyone closest to her were against her, told her all her choices, her thoughts bad, the wrong ones. And Desmious knew this.

Smiling, he bid farewell to Alezae and began walking away. He had her eating out of his hand. She would make an excellent tool, a great guide on his path, and this was just a confirmation of that. And she was not bad in her looks either; actually she was quite beautiful. Just like her mother....

What a superb opportunity. And it all is working in my way.

The End

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