It was odd to see him when for a month or so, he had only appeared in my dreams... Upon sighting him, I had instantly remembered why I had fallen in love with him.

At any time you looked, Andrion would be in deep thought. His constant contemplation gave him a depth of mind extremely desirable to the females of our race.

He was incredibly intelligent. He knew exactly the right thing to say at the appropriate moments.

He could be fantastically romantic. He would portray the world in some profound manner that blew you away and compare you to the most beautiful phenomena in existence.

All these memories came back to me at the sight of his perfect features, his amazing yet irrelevant handsomeness.

A lump rose in my throat as I remembered our parting the day after my discovery of Matthias.

As he rose and approached me, my heartbeat quickened and my skin tingled.  I almost expected him to look at me suggestively before kissing me ... so wonderfully ... and have a powerful effect over my emotions which were subservient to him.

When he took me to the secluded road, I was simultaneously terribly uncomfortable and awfully excited, as if he were taking me out as he had so very many times before.

I remembered how Andrion became when he was trying to persuade you of something he believed truly and deeply in: his passion and intensity, two aspects of him which I had before found irresistible.

I unthinkingly agreed to help him, forgetting my promise to Matthias. I couldn't help it: He had the capability and the heart to persuade you that his gestures were well-intentioned and to inspire you to join him. He had often used this talent mischievously while we were courting: convincing me to follow him to the most bizarre and thrilling of places, which were sometimes slightly dangerous, and do the craziest of things before kissing to the rhythm of the pulsating sun or moon, depending on the time of day. I had adored his fun and imaginativeness: there had never been a second when I was bored.  Once again, I was being recruited to join him in his mission, despite the fact that we were no longer together. He had such an impact on my life. If I weren't certain of the nature of my love for Matthias, I might've wondered if Andrion and I were in fact meant to be. But Matthias was my destiny.

I was reminded of this when he suddenly appeared in the park that Andrion and I transported to. My heart began to race and my soul felt as if it were being tugged at. No matter what I felt for Andrion, Matthias was the one I was destined to love.

"Have you two been alone together?" Matthias asked, brow furrowing when he saw us.

I nodded. "But the fact was insignificant. We were merely trying to evade people who may wish us harm."

Andrion nodded. "I think we're being watched."

To my surprise, Matthias nodded in accord. "I heard a rustle in the leaves which didn't sound as if it were made by a small animal."

"I haven't noticed anything," I stated, trying not to be frightened by what the two men were suggesting.

Matthias gave me a sympathetic look. In two strides, he was in front of me. He put his arms around me comfortingly. "I'll protect you, don't worry," he murmured. He kissed the top of my head before letting go and stepping back.

"So what's going on?" he asked Andrion.

"Alissa and I are going to rescue Anthony and Tiffany."

I winced. Though Andrion's determination was admirable, the way he had phrased his answer was likely to annoy Matthias, who didn't like to be told such things so straight, especially when the matter was so significant and concerned me.

His brow furrowed and I was reminded of my promise to him.

"Oh dear," I whispered.

"Yes," he said, turning to me. "I was wondering when you were going to tell Andrion that you'd promised you wouldn't get involved with the human."

"I ... forgot," I mumbled.

"But she agreed," Andrion said, looking confused. "And it's her decision."

Matthias sighed, looking exasperated. "No. She promised me that she would try to convince you to forget about the human, otherwise we would find a way to exile you."

I cringed. "That wasn't a very good way to phrase that, Mattie."

Matthias shrugged.

Andrion looked betrayed. "You were going to exile me?"

"I thought that it would be best. Until you saw sense."

""Well that hurts! To know the only one who's ever come close to understanding me was going to betray me!"

"Andrion, please," I cried. "You know how humans are. And anyway, I think I've changed my mind."

Matthias gave me a sharp look. I ignored him.

"If this Tiffany is really how you say she is..."

"No human can be trusted," Matthias interrupted angrily.

"Be quiet!" I said in annoyance. "We were foolish to say we would exile Andrion."

"No, you are being foolish now. You are planning to confront Alezae to free a human. I'm taking you back home right now."

Matthias' fierceness surprised me. He was usually so gentle, even when I was maddened.

He reached out for my hand but I pulled it back.

"Mattie, I have to help Andrion. I've told him I would."

"You told me you wouldn't."

"Things have changed, Matthias. Andrion mentioned love."

"Our kind does not love humans," Matthias growled.

I felt his soul burn yet simultaneously turn mine to ice.

I gasped from the pain. "Matthias, stop!"

"What are you doing to her?!" Andrion shouted, grabbing me as I threatened to collapse forwards.

"Nothing," Matthias replied. "Our souls are connected. I'm enraged and consequently pushing people away and because she's so close to me, it's hurting her."

"Mattie," I gasped. "I'm sorry for hurting you. But really,... you have to stop. You're going to kill me."

It was the wrong thing to say. Matthias' face instantly froze over. "You really think I would let you die, Alissa?" he asked quietly but danger filling his tone.

"No, of course not," I replied in a hushed tone.

I suddenly felt absolutely nothing from him. He hadn't cut the connection - that was impossible - but it felt that way. Like we suddenly weren't a part of each other anymore.

"Go on your mission with Andrion," Matthias said. "But don't expect I'll be sympathetic when you get into trouble."

He turned around and started walking away. After a few paces, he turned and added "Oh and don't expect to have a home or a life to come back to either."

He turned and with his back towards me, he teleported.

And then it suddenly struck me, far too late. He didn't want to see me anymore.

I collapsed to my knees. He didn't want to see me.

Shock rolled through me in large, black waves that threatened to drown me.

And then, quite unexpectedly but with fair reason, I burst into tears.

The End

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