Fool. I was a fool. A fool for her.

We were all fools. Fools handling far too many important things; fools with fate in our hands.

I flopped down into the nearest bench along the side of the roadway, and ran my hand over my face. Crowds came and went, looking far like a great human city, upon their own business, as if they didn't mind me.

Alezae was a fool. This entire thing was ridiculous. And I loved her. Still.

I groaned loudly, making a few eyes look my way but otherwise they continued not to mind me. What was I to do? I was alone, my heart was torn, and it seemed I could do nothing.

Standing abruptly from my seat, I joined the current, walking in an determined fashion but unsure of where I was going. I must do something. But what? How? How would I end this madness?

"Andrion!" came a cry. It made me turn suddenly, facing a known face, like a strange memory.

"Alissa?" I furrowed my brow as she pushed through the wall of persons nearer to me. I was unsure of my emotions at the sight of her; I hadn't seen her in sometime....for the longest time we believed we were meant-to-be, that love had sought us out. It was but a farce, though the slight connection remained. "What are you doing here?"

She reached and grabbed my arm, her touch--so warm and familial--making me tense slightly. “I heard you were in trouble,” Alissa began, her voice flooded with concern. “Something of Anthony and a human gir-,”

I stopped her, raising my finger to silence her. Glancing around, I had the unusual feeling that someone was watching us. “Shhh,” I murmured in an undertone. “There are too many eyes and hears about. Come, we talk of this elsewhere.”

Taking her arm, I led her along through the crowd. Bound by our touch, we pushed through the river of passing persons together until we came upon a side alleyway, empty other than a small rat which scattered out of the way. Still, I felt terribly uneasy--the hairs stood upon the back of my neck. I flicked my eyes through the pale half-light of the place, only to see nothing. “I am not necessarily in the trouble,” I started, remaining in an undertone. “It is Tony and this girl, Tiffany. But I believe that this trouble in which they are tangled will spread.”


I nodded briskly. “They are of the prophecy,” I whispered. “It is said the Great Destruction will occur after the unity of their souls.”

“Has it…the unity?”

“Yes,” I continued softly and rapidly. “Though I believe this Great Destruction will not occur of their fault, not of the direct consequence to the unity of them! It is the reaction. For Love is Light, and cannot destroy, it is the Hate that follows it!”

She furrowed her brow, crossing her arms. “Why cannot Tony just give up this girl? Cannot you convince him?”

I laughed bitterly, taking a step closer. She stiffened just as I had when she neared me. “This girl. She is not any ordinary human.” I murmured, my eyes remaining on hers. “And you cannot stop Love, yes?” I scanned her expression, her features, uncertain, odd feelings filling me. “You know that for sure.”

She averted her eyes from me, shifting uncomfortably. Swallowing, she looked back into my face, a certain confidence in her own. “What can I do to help?”

I smiled slightly and backed away from her so that we could both be put at ease. I was too close to her for even my own comfort. It made me wonder at the rise in those unusual emotions. Did I truly love Alezae, or was it simply as it was with Alissa? I pouted. No, I knew I loved Alezae. She only seemed half herself, as if she was deteriorated away, but, yes I still did love her and would do anything to help her….although helping Anthony against her will did seem like a backwards way….but she was wrong….I shook my head, attempting to shake away my confusing thoughts.

“Let us talk about this in other places,” I said, making a way out the alley. As the full light hit us once more, I shuddered. I swore I had caught someone looking at me straight in the eye, a menacing stare. But in a blink, it was gone.

Was something--or someone--watching me?

The End

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